Monday, May 30, 2011

Shrug This: One-Skein-Wonder

I'd found a gorgeous "Oneskeinwonder shrug" I wanted to try to knit. I had the yarn and the needles ready, so when I came home from work Friday, I started.

6 hours later I bound off the final stitch and weaved in the final strand - done! I LOVED that it was such a quick knit - very, very satisfying!

Isn't it cute?

Too cute! What I didn't know (because I didn't pause to read the feedback before I started knitting... a case of haste makes waste if ever I saw one) was that though it said "One size fits all", the comments also said, "... if you're a size XS!!!

I present to you...


Ah well, thankfully I have a 7-year-old niece who found it very cool to receive a shrug knitted by her 'Auntie Ria', and once I feel up to it, I'll attempt to adjust the pattern and make a different one for myself.

It DID look rather cute on Sully though...