Wednesday, July 26, 2017

WIP Wednesday - Week 30

I've been fairly monogamous this past week. I wanted to get a good head-start on the niebling socks before something else popped up (which it did yesterday), so have been knitting on those pretty exclusively up until then.

Which means that I've gotten 2 socks done (but for the heels) and am just missing the twisted rib on the third. Almost half-way through!

This past Monday I went yarn shopping for a new cardigan for Nina. I swatched that same night, and cast on for the Vanadium cardigan yesterday! I had to do copious amounts of maths though, as my gauge was off just enough that I had to go up 1.5 sizes :-P But as Nina prefers positive ease anyway, I decided to just go up the full two sizes and hope for the best!
Not much to see yet. I'm knitting this in pure cotton and hope it won't stretch too much :-P The cotton is really soft though, and much easier on my hands than usual.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

WIP Wednesday - Week 29

The designer who made all the cool fruit coasters put out another design for testing this past weekend. Of course I had to sign up so I could add to my collection, and fortunately she was happy to have me on again. 'Twas supposed to be another orange, but I had misplaced my orange yarn, so it ended up being either a very unripe orange or an apple instead.
Don't care - either way, I like it :-) It's currently blocking and looks a bit misshapen, but I think it'll add nicely to the collection.

I still need another 700 meters to reach my stashdash goal, so decided to finally cast on for the Exploration Station. The first 6 wedges were plain garter stitch and went really quickly, but now I've started on the brioche section... and that's going to take awhile. It's not nearly as difficult as I'd feared though... and I am childishly amused that the stitches are called "bark" and "burp" ;-D

I've also started yet another sock (Yes, this is the 5th sock currently on my needles. Yes, I could theoretically finish stashdash just by finishing off those socks. Schh! Stop making sense, you!), as Nina mentioned my nieblings might enjoy some handknit socks for the cold mornings. The colour is way off in this photo as it's actually a gradient from green to grey... but what can you do. I also have some ideas for fun decorations on the leg. We'll see how it works out. I'm knitting these with true afterthought heels, so I'll have to cut the yarn once that time comes. I need to measure it tonight, but I think I have another 10-15cm to go on the first leg.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

WIP Wednesday - week 27

I finished the first Mitered Triangle sock. It has a VERY weird construction, was VERY fiddly and looked a hot mess as I was finishing it, so I was seriously doubting that I'd want to knit the second one. However, once it was blocked and all ends woven in it suddenly looked a lot better - so now I'm back at thinking I'll probably knit the second one after all :-D
I made a mistake on the final three-needle bind-off (put WS together instead of RS which I didn't notice until after I was done), but I'll probably just call that a design feature ;-) Since I didn't actually notice it when taking these photos, it probably won't bother me much. I just have to remember to do the same for the next one ;)

As expected, I finished the Entrelac blanket last Wednesday evening. It's been blocked, all ends woven in and is now finished-finished-finished :-) Now I just need to find somebody who needs a baby blanket ;-)

Instead of casting on something new after finishing the blanket, I decided to pick the scrappy swirl tee back up. I'm now done with the body and just have the sleeves left to knit. It's REALLY colourful but I think I like it... besides, it is SO soft and comfortable to wear. I do think getting sleeves will 'ground' it a bit though... we'll see.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

WIP Wednesday: Elphaba is done!

My Elphaba is finished!!! I still need to weave in some ends, but for all intents and purposes, it is done! I managed to get some FO (finished objects) photos this weekend and I love it :-D Too bad it's now too warm to actually wear it ;-)

I'm also almost done with the Entrelac blanket! Just need 6 more end triangles and that's it! Could probably have managed another repeat (two tiers), but I would only just have enough yarn for that, and i didn't much feel like playing yarn-chicken, so this will have to do.

The mitered triangle socks are coming along slowly but surely. It's the weirdest construction of a sock I've ever seen and there's a TON of ends to weave in, but it's been a fun knit so far, despite having to pick up so many stitches all the time. I'm going to finish one completely and try it on before committing to knit the second sock though. If it looks really odd I might not bother. It's fun to try all these new constructions, but so far they just haven't fit as well as "normal" socks do.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

WIP Wednesday: More coasters!

Over the past week I've knit some more fruit coasters and now have 9! They are VERY potato-chippy :-) I now have a lemon, a feijoa (although I guess it looks more like an avocado... but I know what it is), a blood-orange, a watermelon, a grape, a lime, an orange, a kiwi and an apple.
Other ideas I'm contemplating: melon (honey and/or cantaloupe), plum, green apple, tomato... oh, and Nina suggested a dragon fruit! Still trying to figure out how to do that one though, as she wants me to add the spikes! :-D

I'm SO CLOSE to being done on my Elphaba! I need to knit another 17 rounds of lace on the left sleeve, and then pick up and knit the neckline. Just in time for summer, of course ;-) But it'll give a lot of extra yardage for stashdash :-D I haven't even broken 2K yet, so I need that!

And since I was in need of some purse knitting, I cast on for a new pair of socks... a very unusual pair though! This is taken from "New Directions in Sock Knitting", and they're not knitting! Each sock is knit out of four strips (plus a heal) that are then knitted together. I've finished the first two strips for the top of the foot and am just hoping it'll be big enough as it looks kinda small... ah well, I'm sure it'll fit somebody even if it doesn't fit me.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

WIP Wednesday: Sock Yarn Sweater

Well! I finished all the things for stashdash within the first few days, and then have only finished one single thing since! Ah well... slow and steady's the way to go, right? ;) My goal is still to make it to 5km, but my mojo has been lacking lately, so I may have to dial it down to 3km. Fortunately I haven't committed to anything yet :)

Anyway, I finally finished the scrap yarn baby sweater I showed off last time. As mentioned, this started off it's life as a leg warmer, but I was just so utterly uninterested in finishing it that it had languished for ages. I finally realized that by an amazing stroke of luck the dimensions matched the Seamless Baby Sweater, and I was off!
Joining the body and the sleeves for the yoke was a bit of a hassle as I couldn't seem to manage all the stitches on one circular needle, so for the first 10-12 rounds after joining I used two circs until the shoulders were flexible enough to return them to just one. The rest of the sweater was a piece of cake, and though I'd been a tad worried how the various scraps (almost all Opal) would work together as I was knitting (they're all so colourful!) I ended up absolutely adoring the final sweater. Amazing how something that would be utterly ugly in an adult-sized sweater is just utterly CUTE in a baby one :D It was a quick knit and definitely something I'm likely to do again.

Apart from that, the Entrelac blanket has gotten quite a bit more love. The current dimenions are 45x45cm unblocked (but I'm expecting it to GROW!), and I hope to get another 20'ish cm in lengthwise... if I last that long :-P I love how the colours change, but the knitting in itself is fairly boring so it's slow going. But I'm pressing on, so I'll end up with a decent sized baby-blanket :)

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

WIP Wednesday - Stashdash 2017

Stashdash started this past Friday, so I finally have some finished items to show off!

First of all, my sunset Doodler. I absolutely love the way this turned out, and despite the looooooong rows near the end (almost 600 stitches!) it was a fun knit :-) Binding off was less fun though... casting off 580 stitches with an icord bindoff took 3 entire episodes of Bones! But now it's done, and I love it :-D

This past weekend I stumbled across a testknit that I just HAD to sign up for - three fruity coasters :) I knit them out of fingering weight yarn rather than worsted, so they're somewhat on the smaller side, but still large enough for most of our glasses, and even Lars thought they were cute :-) The pattern only listed the kiwi, the apple and the watermelon, but once I'd knit those three, I just HAD to try my hand at an orange as well. And really, once you have the basic shape down only the sky's the limit. I'm definitely planning on making a few more... a lemon/lime, a feijoa... have to figure out what else.
They only took 45 minutes each to knit and then another 5-10 minutes for the embroidery, so very quick gift ideas!

Finally, I finished my first pair of socks of 2017!!! I know! I was really shocked too! I think I overdid the sock knitting a bit last year, so needed a bit of a break. But now I'm back!

As for works in progress.... I'm still knitting on the Elphaba pullover and finished the first sleeve last Friday. Haven't quite gotten around to picking up stitches for the second sleeve yet, but it'll come :) Unfortunately (but logically) the sleeves pool in a very different way than the body did (which makes sense, since the circumference is so much smaller), but I figure that at least the two sleeves will pool the same way, so it should be alright.

While I was procrastinating picking up those stitches, I picked up an ooooold WIP that I haven't touched in about 6 months. I'd gone off the original idea, so repurposed the project for a seamless baby sweater where the stitchcount fortunately fit perfectly! I'm knitting this out of Opal scraps but will try to at least make the two sleeves match just a tad. I'm hoping it won't look much too crazy when it's done, but right now I actually sorta love the wild colours of it :-)

And because I didn't have enough other things to knit on (I don't even want to TRY to count my number of active WIPs right now!) I cast on for an Entrelac baby blanket. This is my first attempt at real entrelac (rather than just modular knitting) so I was quite keen to try my hand at it. It's a LOT easier than it looks, but man I'm glad I know how to knit/purl backwards, or all the turning would drive me nuts! No clue who it's for yet - I'll wait and see how it turns out ;)

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

WIP Wednesday

My Favourite Things cowl is on a bit of a hiatus. I still absolutely love how it's turning out, but it requires a much higher level of concentration (obviously) and after having knit on it pretty much constantly for 2 weeks, I needed a break. It hasn't been packed away in a project bag though, and I keep picking it up and admiring it, so I'm sure it won't be too long before I'm ready to pick it back up again.

Since I needed something more straight-forward I got back on knitting my Elphaba, and am now done with the main part of the body and ready for the lace section! I added 10cm to the length of the body (as I'm really not a fan of cropped tops on me any longer... I'm getting old!) and am really happy with how that turned out. The lace should add an extra 10'ish cm, so unless my gauge is a lying liar who lies it should hit right where I want it to.

Of course, reaching the lace on the Elphaba means that that is no longer mindless knitting either! So I finally stopped procrastinating and picked up the 3 billion stitches for the last part of the Doodler (okay, only 324, but still!). It was every bit as tedious as expected, and even worse, something went wrong with either my count or the patterns count, so I picked up 24 too many, and had to figure out how to decrease them back down on the first row :-/ But now it's DONE and I can continue knitting the looooong rows (now up to 452sts and counting).
I've just finished wedge 1. According to the pattern I should have enough for all 4 wedges, but we'll see... I'll keep weighing after each one, and make my decision once the 3rd one is done.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

WIP Wednesday - Octupus again

My WIP Wednesday post this time comes courtesy of Michala and my youngest nephew :-) Mixi sent me this photo yesterday, and it's just too good not to share ♥

My other current WIPs are in the boring can't-see-any-difference stage, so I'll just leave it at that for this week :)

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

WIP Wednesday: Theoretical Knitting

I can't believe I completely forgot to post that I finished my Musical Fingerless gloves! :-) I am REALLY happy with how they turned out, and am looking forward to gifting them to Liz :-)

While searching for colourwork patterns to practice my fair isle (which is how I found the gloves above). I came across an awesome cowl that seemed waaaaay out of my reach at the time. However, the idea stuck and I finally decided just to go for it.

The idea is to make a "My Favourite Things" cowl - so rather than being an actual pattern, it's more of a "recipe" with ideas of how to combine several different colourwork designs to make an amazingly colourful cowl that's incredibly personal to boot.

I loved it! And have been spending much of the past two weeks looking up (or even designing) patterns I wanted to add. This past weekend I finally decided to start, and though my tension still needs a LOT of work, I'm absolutely loving the way it's turning out :-) Granted, there are places where I wish I'd chosen a different colour-combo (and there are bound to be more as I go along), but I'm trying not to let my inner perfectionist get the better of me and just run with it. Once I start allowing myself to second guess my choices, I'd get choice paralysis and never get anything done!
Patterns so far:
-- Hearts
-- Jumping dogs (although they really didn't end up looking much like dogs! :-P Afterwards I found a much better dog-pattern elsewhere - go figure)
-- A rainbow (wish I'd done something else first - the blue in the rainbow gets mixed up with the blue in the sky below).
-- Keyboard
-- Swirls
-- New York Skyline
-- A train

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

WIP Wednesday: Starfish and Octopus

I've gotten a LOT of crafting done this past week, as Liz and I spent most of our time chatting and knitting during my visit. Love it :)

I managed another 6 starfish for the Polygon Blanket. With the ones Mum has knit, this means I only have another 4 full-sized hexagons to knit!! Weeee!! Suddenly the end is a lot closer in sight than I'd thought. They are getting slightly boring to knit though, so I'll be glad when they're all done. Fortunately I love how the colours look together, so I'm sure the finished project will be awesome.

I also worked fairly concentrated on the Musical gloves, and finished the first one except for the thumb! It's a bit tight to get on but fits well once on. I can't quite decide if they've turned out nice enough that I'd want to gift them to Liz... I'll probably wait and see how they look after they've been blocked. They've been a lot of fun (if time consuming!) to knit though, so I'm definitely up for some more colourwork - although I think I'll move up to a larger circumference for my next project.

Finally Nina wrote me over the weekend to ask if I'd crochet an octopus for some friends of hers. Of course I agreed, and finished him last night!
He's a fairly quick project, but the tentacles are tedious... which is also why this octopus only has 7 arms instead of 8 ;-)

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

WIP Wednesday: Elphaba

Remember last week I mentioned that I'd been doing some swatching? Well, one of the swatches turned out so PERFECTLY that I've pretty much been knitting nothing else ever since. That's right, the Doodler hasn't seen a stitch of progress since last time (of course it doesn't help that next step is to pick up 300+ stitches - something I ALWAYS procrastinate on), instead I've been knitting like a fiend on the Elphaba pullover for myself in some gorgeous brown Rowan Fine Yarn that Inese gave me when we last met.

I'm just finishing up the bust darts and getting ready to do the waist decreases, and am loving both how it looks and how it feels :-) Brown never used to be my colour, but I think this one suits me just fine, so hopefully the sweater will be a success and I get to wear it all the time :)
I wasn't going to alternate skeins, as I rather liked the way the yarn was pooling... until I stopped increasing for the sleeves, and it became too predictable. So now I'm alternating skeins after all - occasionally knitting two rounds in one skein just to mix it up a bit ;)

I found a few mathematical errors in the pattern (if 2" at 7 rounds/" corresponds to 14 rounds, then 4.5" at the same gauge doesn't correspond to 16 rounds!), but otherwise it's nice and clear and easy to follow. So yeah... have basically wanted to knit nothing else.

It's NOT a grab-and-go project however - I need to try it on frequently to see how much more to increase or decrease, and with the two skeins it gets fiddly to have in a bag - so for my purse knitting I've returned to the hexagons for the Polygon blanket by tincanknits.
I need a total of 60 full hexagons (and then an as of yet unknown number of half hexagons to even out the edges) and so far I've knit 30 and Mum (who's kindly offered to knit some of them for me :) ) has knit an additional 6-8 or so - so we're getting there :)

Finally I've been knitting just a bit on my musical fingerless gloves. They're not as fun a knit as I'd hoped (due to the small circumference I think, as I had a much better time of it when I was knitting colourwork hats), but if they're to count for the colourwork KAL I have to finish them by May 1st. Probably won't happen, but I'm gonna give it my best shot.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

WIP Wednesday - The Doodler

I've been pretty monogamous with my knitting this past week. The Doodler has taken over all my knitting mojo, and even though there are a ton of other things I ought to be knitting (i.e. the two items I have that are on a deadline), it just hasn't happened :-P Instead I just finished clue 2 of the Doodler last night and am loving the way it looks :-)
... I did also swatch for two new projects though. We'll see how that goes :-)

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

WIP Wednesday - Infinite Butterfly

Week before last, I knit pretty much exclusively on my butterfly shawl, as I had gotten to the point where I was so close to being done that I could almost taste it! A few dedicated evenings, and I knew I'd be able to get it done and blocked in time for this week's WIP Wednesday post!

... and I was right :-) As expected, I did run out of the Helix yarn from Infinite Twist, but I was right in assuming that a few black stripes wouldn't matter at all. I'm ridiculously pleased with how it turned out - both colour and size - and will love wearing it. It's definitely more a wrap than a scarf (has a wingspan of more than 2 meters), and will come in very handy.

I finished one shawl and cast another one on :) I've been wanting to knit Stephen West's The Doodler for quite awhile, and last week I finally got my hands on some suitable yarn :) I'm slightly less than halfway through clue 1 and am enjoying it greatly :) Not entirely sure about my colour choice yet... we'll see what happens when I add in the third (red).

Thanks to the 2 Knit Lit Chicks podcast I signed up for their colourwork KAL and immediately cast on the "Musical" fingerless gloves. They're a bit more of a hassle to knit than I had expected, due to the magic loop (it's a bit tricky to keep the tension right as I start each new row), but I think I'm getting the hang of it. But funny that it might actually be easier to do fair isle on a larger project than a small one!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

WIP Wednesday: Finished all the things!

Somehow I've gotten a ton of knitting done this past week, so lots of cool things to show you this time :-)

First, some better photos of the Path to Wonderland shawl and the Penstripes scarf... just because I'm so happy with how they both turned out!

Next, I came across a test-knit I just HAD to sign up for: A Minion Easter Egg!!! What's not to like? Besides, it only took me an evening from start to finish :D Kinda fiddly in places (the eye especially), but I still enjoyed knitting it. The pattern was written for DPNs, but I very quickly moved to magic looping on a circular instead. Guess I have to just accept that I'm NOT a fan of DPNs. They have their uses, I'm sure, but mostly I'm a circ girl all the way :)

But I digress, the pattern originally called for worsted weight yarn, but fortunately the designer didn't mind what yarn we used, so I could use up more of my minion fingering yarn (I have now knit four minions in various sizes out of this yarn... and there's still more left!)
I really want to try to adapt it for crochet, so may have to play around with that a bit when I get some free time :)

Then Mixi asked me to crochet an octopus for my nephew-to-be. They've been all over the Danish news lately, as being really good for premature babies, so Mixi figured they'd work for newborns as well. I'd actually mostly finished this last week, but wanted to wait and not share it until I'd given it to her :)
Took me just three evenings, so again a very quick project. I'm not completely satisfied with how his face turned out (he looks so worried!), but I figure that's more for the adults anyway, and my nephew won't care either way ;)

With all those finished objects out of the way, I've had time to knit a bit more on some of my works in progress. The Zigzagular socks by Susie White has seen quite a bit of love, and I'm almost done with the first sock now!

I've managed to get a number of hexagons done for the Polygon Blanket, and have even finally taken the time to calculate how many I'll need in total (60 full plus several half-hexagons... I'm currently at 25 (not all made it to the photo), so still have QUITE a ways to go).
My goal of finishing this by Easter is starting to look rather unrealistic, but that's okay... it was just an arbitrary goal anyway.

And finally, I spent most of the weekend knitting on my Butterfly shawl, so it is now decidedly too large for any sort of decent photos! I've finished 24 colour changes out of 30, so I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel now :) I'm still playing yarn chicken with the coloured yarn, but actually don't mind too much if I have to switch to black for the last few stripes - I think that'd give a really nice effect. We'll see what happens.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

WIP Wednesday: Finally finished something!

Never got around to taking photos of my knitting last week, so I've got a not just one but TWO finished objects to show off this week!

This past weekend I finished both the "Path to Wonderland" testknit and the "Penstripes" scarf for Dad - weaved in ends and all. Still not quite sure what I think of the colour combination of the shawl (although it's definitely growing on me... I think I like it :) ), but LOVE how Penstripes turned out :) I see Dad on Friday, so will try to remember to bring it for him then.
(Both are still blocking, so this is the best shot I could get of both for now. I hope to get day-light photos soon though)

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

WIP Wednesday - So, I cast off a bajillion stitches!

Same two things on my needles as last week. I haven't even touched anything else, but am dividing my time fairly evenly between the two.

The weekend was spent mostly on the Path to Wonderland shawl to get a decent chunk done on that for the test-knit. I'm still not entirely sure about the colours, but it's certainly going to be very vibrant! The red of the background played havoc with the camera's settings though - it's more green in real life.

I put down the test-knit Sunday evening and picked the Penstrip scarf back up, as I want to make sure it's done in time for Dad to use this winter. I spent last night in front of the TV and got all the horizontal stripes done! Took forever to cast off all those stitches, but now I just have a mere 20cm left to do in each end and I'm DONE! If I'm diligent, I might even finish by next week :-D

Thursday, February 2, 2017

WIP Wednesday - Yet another shawl

I'm really bad at remembering to take photos at the moment, so once again you get WIP Wednesday on a Thursday.

Dad's scarf is coming along nicely :) I reached the 180cm over the weekend, and got to pick up somewhere between 480-500 stitches (I didn't count, but with 2-3 sts per cm it seems like a fair estimate) so I could start the loooooong stripes along the length of the scarf. Each row takes about 15-20 minutes to knit, so this part may take almost as long as the first part did! I need to tighten it up a bit though - I picked up just slightly too many stitches, but have come to far to rip it back out again, so I'm going to decrease a bit over the next row to even it out a bit.
The photo is darker than I would have liked, but I didn't fully realize that until it came to upload here. Oh well.

I haven't touched my butterfly shawl at all, because I came across a testknit last week that I just HAD to sign up for. It's an awesome two-colour shawl with a fun spiral construction and it took me about an HOUR last Wednesday to pick out a colour combination, as I have so many awesome hand-dyed yarns that would be perfect for it ;) The combination I ended up picking is VERY loud, but I think I'll love it :) Besides, yarn as colourful as this contrast colour almost HAS to be used for a scarf ;)
I haven't come quite as far as I would like, as I'm prioritizing Dad's shawl, but I'm greatly enjoying the process.