Wednesday, March 15, 2017

WIP Wednesday - Infinite Butterfly

Week before last, I knit pretty much exclusively on my butterfly shawl, as I had gotten to the point where I was so close to being done that I could almost taste it! A few dedicated evenings, and I knew I'd be able to get it done and blocked in time for this week's WIP Wednesday post!

... and I was right :-) As expected, I did run out of the Helix yarn from Infinite Twist, but I was right in assuming that a few black stripes wouldn't matter at all. I'm ridiculously pleased with how it turned out - both colour and size - and will love wearing it. It's definitely more a wrap than a scarf (has a wingspan of more than 2 meters), and will come in very handy.

I finished one shawl and cast another one on :) I've been wanting to knit Stephen West's The Doodler for quite awhile, and last week I finally got my hands on some suitable yarn :) I'm slightly less than halfway through clue 1 and am enjoying it greatly :) Not entirely sure about my colour choice yet... we'll see what happens when I add in the third (red).

Thanks to the 2 Knit Lit Chicks podcast I signed up for their colourwork KAL and immediately cast on the "Musical" fingerless gloves. They're a bit more of a hassle to knit than I had expected, due to the magic loop (it's a bit tricky to keep the tension right as I start each new row), but I think I'm getting the hang of it. But funny that it might actually be easier to do fair isle on a larger project than a small one!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

WIP Wednesday: Finished all the things!

Somehow I've gotten a ton of knitting done this past week, so lots of cool things to show you this time :-)

First, some better photos of the Path to Wonderland shawl and the Penstripes scarf... just because I'm so happy with how they both turned out!

Next, I came across a test-knit I just HAD to sign up for: A Minion Easter Egg!!! What's not to like? Besides, it only took me an evening from start to finish :D Kinda fiddly in places (the eye especially), but I still enjoyed knitting it. The pattern was written for DPNs, but I very quickly moved to magic looping on a circular instead. Guess I have to just accept that I'm NOT a fan of DPNs. They have their uses, I'm sure, but mostly I'm a circ girl all the way :)

But I digress, the pattern originally called for worsted weight yarn, but fortunately the designer didn't mind what yarn we used, so I could use up more of my minion fingering yarn (I have now knit four minions in various sizes out of this yarn... and there's still more left!)
I really want to try to adapt it for crochet, so may have to play around with that a bit when I get some free time :)

Then Mixi asked me to crochet an octopus for my nephew-to-be. They've been all over the Danish news lately, as being really good for premature babies, so Mixi figured they'd work for newborns as well. I'd actually mostly finished this last week, but wanted to wait and not share it until I'd given it to her :)
Took me just three evenings, so again a very quick project. I'm not completely satisfied with how his face turned out (he looks so worried!), but I figure that's more for the adults anyway, and my nephew won't care either way ;)

With all those finished objects out of the way, I've had time to knit a bit more on some of my works in progress. The Zigzagular socks by Susie White has seen quite a bit of love, and I'm almost done with the first sock now!

I've managed to get a number of hexagons done for the Polygon Blanket, and have even finally taken the time to calculate how many I'll need in total (60 full plus several half-hexagons... I'm currently at 25 (not all made it to the photo), so still have QUITE a ways to go).
My goal of finishing this by Easter is starting to look rather unrealistic, but that's okay... it was just an arbitrary goal anyway.

And finally, I spent most of the weekend knitting on my Butterfly shawl, so it is now decidedly too large for any sort of decent photos! I've finished 24 colour changes out of 30, so I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel now :) I'm still playing yarn chicken with the coloured yarn, but actually don't mind too much if I have to switch to black for the last few stripes - I think that'd give a really nice effect. We'll see what happens.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

WIP Wednesday: Finally finished something!

Never got around to taking photos of my knitting last week, so I've got a not just one but TWO finished objects to show off this week!

This past weekend I finished both the "Path to Wonderland" testknit and the "Penstripes" scarf for Dad - weaved in ends and all. Still not quite sure what I think of the colour combination of the shawl (although it's definitely growing on me... I think I like it :) ), but LOVE how Penstripes turned out :) I see Dad on Friday, so will try to remember to bring it for him then.
(Both are still blocking, so this is the best shot I could get of both for now. I hope to get day-light photos soon though)

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

WIP Wednesday - So, I cast off a bajillion stitches!

Same two things on my needles as last week. I haven't even touched anything else, but am dividing my time fairly evenly between the two.

The weekend was spent mostly on the Path to Wonderland shawl to get a decent chunk done on that for the test-knit. I'm still not entirely sure about the colours, but it's certainly going to be very vibrant! The red of the background played havoc with the camera's settings though - it's more green in real life.

I put down the test-knit Sunday evening and picked the Penstrip scarf back up, as I want to make sure it's done in time for Dad to use this winter. I spent last night in front of the TV and got all the horizontal stripes done! Took forever to cast off all those stitches, but now I just have a mere 20cm left to do in each end and I'm DONE! If I'm diligent, I might even finish by next week :-D

Thursday, February 2, 2017

WIP Wednesday - Yet another shawl

I'm really bad at remembering to take photos at the moment, so once again you get WIP Wednesday on a Thursday.

Dad's scarf is coming along nicely :) I reached the 180cm over the weekend, and got to pick up somewhere between 480-500 stitches (I didn't count, but with 2-3 sts per cm it seems like a fair estimate) so I could start the loooooong stripes along the length of the scarf. Each row takes about 15-20 minutes to knit, so this part may take almost as long as the first part did! I need to tighten it up a bit though - I picked up just slightly too many stitches, but have come to far to rip it back out again, so I'm going to decrease a bit over the next row to even it out a bit.
The photo is darker than I would have liked, but I didn't fully realize that until it came to upload here. Oh well.

I haven't touched my butterfly shawl at all, because I came across a testknit last week that I just HAD to sign up for. It's an awesome two-colour shawl with a fun spiral construction and it took me about an HOUR last Wednesday to pick out a colour combination, as I have so many awesome hand-dyed yarns that would be perfect for it ;) The combination I ended up picking is VERY loud, but I think I'll love it :) Besides, yarn as colourful as this contrast colour almost HAS to be used for a scarf ;)
I haven't come quite as far as I would like, as I'm prioritizing Dad's shawl, but I'm greatly enjoying the process.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

WIP Wednesday - Oh look! A Sock!

I'm more or less knitting the exact same things as last week, although I did add a pair of socks to the mix. I had a long meeting at work on Friday, and as it was a large general status update for everybody at work (so ~800 people) nobody minds if I bring along my knitting, so yay :-) Knitting in the (relative) dark did mean that I messed up on the twisted stitches now and then, but who cares - nobody's going to look that closely at my socks anyway!

The scarf is now at 130cm. I need another 50cm lengthwise, and then I get to pick up a ton of stitches and start on the horizontal stripes :) Fortunately I have FINALLY gotten the hang of picking up stitches (at least in even knitting), so I no longer dread that as much as I used to ;)
I LOVE the yarn. It's a cashmere-merino-acrylic blend and so soft :-)

Another 2 coloured stripes have been added to the butterfly shawl. I'm starting to worry I might not have enough coloured yarn for a full-size shawl, so am considering alternatives. I could either switch to other colours (I have another green, blue and purple of the right weight - though not the same brand) - or I could go drastic and change to a solid black (same brand as the white I'm currently using) to add sort of a border. We'll see - I'll decide once I know how far I get with the colours I have.
It's a very enjoyable knit, even if it does leave me with a ton of ends to weave in! ;-)

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

WIP Thursday

The butterfly shawl hasn't seen much love this past week, as I've been too busy with other things, but I did add a few new stripes at least.

But most of my time was spent on Dad's scarf. I'm about halfway length-wise now. It'll be fun to see how it changes appearance once I start adding the vertical strips as well :)