Wednesday, September 27, 2017

WIP Wednesday - Week 39

Two finished objects! :-)

I finished the socks for my brother-in-law. As expected, I didn't have quite enough yarn, but I came a lot closer than I'd expected to, and only had to use another yarn for the last 6 rounds of the ribbing. I decided to go with white to fit the toes. Could've made the leg longer if I'd gone with another colour for the heels as well, but oh well... by the time I figured that out I couldn't be bothered ripping all the way back. And fortunately BIL likes them, so mission accomplished :-)

My second FO is a pair of fingerless mittens for my oldest nephew. He asked for a Minecraft accessory featuring the Creeper, and we quickly decided on this pattern. They knit up SO fast! Only took about 5 hours each. They're currently blocking and I'm keeping my fingers crossed they'll be dry by Sunday when I see him next :-)

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  1. I was interested to see your minecraft mittens. I thought you might like to see my minecraft phone cosies, which I designed for my son. I was really perturbed when Minecraft said I had to take the pattern off, as I was breaking the copyright laws. I just hadn't thought of that aspect, although the pattern is on for free now, as it is OK so long as you are aren't making any money. Sorry to witter on, what I meant to say was cool mittens.