Tuesday, August 14, 2012

WIP Wednesday - Dragon Hat

Still knitting Hexipuffs for my friend. I've forgot to keep count this last week, so not sure how many more I have left to do. They're getting boring to photograph anyway ;)

Fortunately I have something else to show off. Remember my nephew asked me to knit a dragon for him? Well, I couldn't find a pattern for a proper dragon, but I did find one for a dragon hat. Fortunately he thought that was a brilliant idea, and has since then been bragging high and low that "his aunt was knitting him a dragon hat, and his mother would sew him a costume to match!" No pressure at all there ;)

Anyway, the hat is turning out to be a really fast knit, and even picking up stitches for the ears is turning out to be easier than originally feared.
I love the yarn :) It really is perfect colour for a dragon :) There's more than enough yarn remaining though, so I'm trying to think up things to use the remainder for... perhaps matching mittens to complete the outfit? ;)


  1. I think you lucked out with being allocated the hat part of the outfit ;) Poor dear would have to wait a lifetime if the costume sewing were on me. Great yarn choice - very fire-breathing!

    1. Oh, I agree! :D Sewing and me not be friends! Thanks - I'll pass your compliment on to my nephew :D Somehow I had managed to convince myself that he'd chosen green yarn, so I got a bit of a surprise when I saw it - but once I started working with it, I realized that it worked perfectly!

  2. Love the colors, they are trully "dragonish".

  3. Your nephew is going to be a fierce, fire breathing dragon in that hat! It looks great!