Thursday, November 22, 2012

FO Friday - Dragon Costume

This is really my sisters FO rather than mine, but I promised to show you photos once my nephew's dragon costume was done, so here you go :-) My darling dangerous dragon (who has an incredibly clever mother!!!)

I've gotten the hat back though, because my nephew asked if I could knit it longer so he could use it for winter, and not just as part of a costume. This is the first time I've tried to unravel something from the middle, and knitting on without a definite pattern, so I'm a bit hesitant to start, but I'll have to get my act together soon so I can finish while it's still winter! I was thinking of removing the bottom ribbing, doing a few more rows of increases in straight stockingette and then adding ribbing again for proper flexibility around the ears. Those of you who've knitted this kind of thing before, how does that sound?


  1. Awesome costume. Does he like his hats slouchy or snug? If snug, then I think you may not need additional increases.

    1. Mostly snug. You may be right, I might be able to just go straight from here and then the ribbing will add the needed flexibility.

  2. The dragon costume is fantastic! You must be thrilled that he wants to wear the hat all winter:)

  3. Your sister is very talented. I also think you don't need to increase, but I only knit a hat once so I'm not really the one to ask haha.

  4. That is an awesome costume...I have no advice on the hat, but so awesome!

  5. Not sure how adding to the length of the hat will work. I would consider knitting a new longer bottom section, unravelling the old and then grafting them together with kitchener stitch. Ideally it'd be best to hide the graft where you switch from ribbing to stockinette as I suspect it'll be a half stitch off.

    Very cool and dramatic costume!