Tuesday, March 19, 2013

WIP Wednesday - Spring Mystery Shawl (Spoilers!)

Spoiler photo for clue 1 of the Spring Mystery Shawl, so don't scroll beyond the photo of the embroidery if you don't want to see :)

Still working hard on the embroidery for my sister's wedding :) Unfortunately I don't think I'll be able to finish by Friday next, but I'm going to give it my best shot! It doesn't help that I'm running quite low on threads of some colours... not impressed! Fortunately I have a large stash from previous projects, so I should be able to find usable substitutes there, but I'm really not impressed that the kit didn't include enough. Had it been just one colour I could brush it off as me displacing a thread somewhere, but it's looking like it'll be at least three different ones... and that's just the ones I've started working on!

Ah well, I still like the way it looks, and I think you can start to actually see what it is by now :)

I finished clue one of the Spring Mystery Shawl last night :) It's looking good so far.
The only problem is that I misread the yardage something terrible (or rather - made the erroneous assumption that there couldn't be that big a difference in yardage as long as something was labeled as "Lace") and ended up using yarn that's almost twice as thin as the pattern calls for! 100gr/1500m rather than 100gr/800m. Thank goodness it's a shawl where it doesn't really matter. It's a lot more flimsy than the other Clue 1 photos I've seen, but I've decided I still like it, so I'm just going to go ahead with the wrong yarn. I know myself well enough to know that frogging it and starting all over with the right yarn (which I don't own anyway, so I'd have to go buy it first) just isn't going to happen ;)

... I still think it's unfair to label something as lace when it's clearly cobweb though ;)


  1. I think the shawl looks very cool :-)

  2. Your embroidery stitches look very sweet and the shawl looks stunning!

  3. Cute cross stitch. I find of so slow going, you must have great patience.

    Same goes for working with cobweb!

    1. Cross-stitch is VERY slow going - especially now that I'm more used to knitting. I used to do cross-stitch all the time, but I'm not as keen on it any longer. HAVE to make this for my sister though - she made one for me ;)

  4. wow your shawl is super beautiful, i love it!!! The cross stitch is cute too. Have a creative wednesday xx