Wednesday, May 29, 2013

WIP Wednesday - Interrupted by a KAL!

Still working on the "Back to the 80s" sweater. I finished the back and have started the front now :)
Haven't come quite as far as I had expected though, as I was suddenly irrevocably interrupted by a Moss Garden KAL I - completely by coincidence - happened to notice was starting on Ravelry. I love working on it, so unfortunately the sweater has been pushed to the back-burner.

I've just finished the second repeat of chart A. I'm using Candy Skein's Yummy Fingering for it. I didn't have quite enough of one colour (one skein is 425m and this needed 465) so I started off by doing the first repeat of chart A in another colour. I think it'll work out nicely... hope so anyway :)

I really like both the pattern and the yarn, but think if I were to start over again, I'd chose a thinner yarn. It does seem slightly robust (for want of better word), but I'm hoping that's just until it's been blocked.


  1. I totally know what it's like to be side-swiped by a project that you just have to start now! Fingers crossed that it blocks out exactly as you hope!

  2. I am also prone to those interruptions!!!!! All looking lovely and spring-like though, which is more than can be said for the end-of-May weather :(

    1. Yeah, ours isn't too impressive either. Should be looking up next week though! :)

  3. Isn't it funny how our moods change and one pattern can overtake another so easily:)Your projects look great!

  4. Lovely projects! My favorite is the sweater.

    Here's my WIP: