Friday, January 30, 2015


I have startitis in a big way, and want to knit on everything at once! Which of course means that each project sees very little process from week to week. I think I have 8 (semi-)active WIPs at the moment, so I will spare you from showing off all of them, and just picking out my favourites.

In order of casting on...

I absolutely adore my $5 in Paris. It was the first sweater I knit, and I love everything about it - the colours, the yarn, the fit. So I've been planning to knit myself another pretty much ever since. And last Friday I finally cast on for one :) Didn't get much past the swatching and initial caston, but at least I've started now!!! ... and bought yarn enough for two others - shhh... don't ask ;)

Next up is my second bigger crochet project. My niece's birthday is coming up, so I offered to make her something, and she ended up picking Lala the Panda by Stacey Trock. I started out on a 4.5mm needle, but thought it turned out a tad small, so I've now switched to a 5.5mm and will either rip back the smaller pieces, or see if I have yarn enough for two!
The two legs for comparison - there's quite a significant size difference even over just 12 rounds!

Earlier this week I signed up for another test-knit! The first in ages, but I simply couldn't resist this one. It's an absolutely adorable baby cardigan, and I knew just what yarn to use for it - some of the lovely Candy Skein yummy fingering that's been languishing in my stash for a couple of years :) Whenever I knit with CandySkein yarn, I feel tempted to buy more! It is SO wonderfully soft and a treat to knit with :) The cardigan is a quick knit, but I'm once again reminded that I'm really not too fond of purling :-P Guess my plans of making a full-size cardigan for myself are a tad on the optimistic side.
So cute! Love the eyelet edging especially :)

Finally I decided that since I have multiple knitting WIPs, I apparently need multiple crochet WIPs as well. In past years I have done cross-stitch projects for my nieces and nephews baptisms, but I really don't cross-stitch any longer, so I figured I'd start a new tradition and crochet something for my newest niece instead. And of course, every child needs a crocheted alien, right? Of course right! :)

So three time-sensitive items that all have to be done before April... fortunately I love them all, and my problem is more that I want to work on all of them at the same time :) The cardigan is getting most of my love these days though, as the test-knit has to be done by February 15th, so that's cutting it a bit close. But with no plans this weekend, I should be able to get quite far on it... unless the siren call of some of the other projects become too loud to ignore ;)

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