Wednesday, August 12, 2015

WIP - My Sock Blanket is getting HUGE

I've been a bit all over the place this past week. Since I finished my StashDash2015 goal I've felt more free to knit a little bit here and a little bit there, rather than aim to finish anything :)

So the very first thing I picked up was my cozy-memories blanket! This baby still has a looooooong way to go, but I've added an extra 7 squares over the past week. It's way too big to bring anywhere, so this is strictly for at-home knitting.
Actually, it's getting insanely big. It's almost 2 meters wide! I obviously didn't think that one through. There's no easy way to rip back though, so I'll just keep at it as is, and count myself lucky that I have no plans of finishing any time soon ;)

I signed up for a quick testknit on Ravelry of a really cute 'lovey'. After finishing it, I realized that youngest niece is probably getting too old for these (or she will be soon), but I figure I'll just keep it around - I'm sure a ready-made shower gift will come in handy.

Other niece's snail has seen a bit of process too, lately :) She wrote to ask how it was going, and I realized I hadn't touched it in weeks! Embarrassing. (Even if she did reply "I didn't mean to stress you!" I know sweetie, I know :) ). I've finished everything but the head/body now, so it's coming along nicely, finally!

Finally, I've returned briefly to my Nostalgia Shawl. I'm in the middle of the second lace part, and apparently I can't count to four and take part in a conversation at the same time! It's still perfect for TV knitting, but I can't actually bring it with me anywhere. Go figure. Ah well, I still love it :)


  1. Great projects! I so want to do the sock yarn blanket, but every time I think of all those squares to put together.... Thanks for sharing.

    1. The squares are knit together - no seaming involved :)