Wednesday, May 10, 2017

WIP Wednesday

My Favourite Things cowl is on a bit of a hiatus. I still absolutely love how it's turning out, but it requires a much higher level of concentration (obviously) and after having knit on it pretty much constantly for 2 weeks, I needed a break. It hasn't been packed away in a project bag though, and I keep picking it up and admiring it, so I'm sure it won't be too long before I'm ready to pick it back up again.

Since I needed something more straight-forward I got back on knitting my Elphaba, and am now done with the main part of the body and ready for the lace section! I added 10cm to the length of the body (as I'm really not a fan of cropped tops on me any longer... I'm getting old!) and am really happy with how that turned out. The lace should add an extra 10'ish cm, so unless my gauge is a lying liar who lies it should hit right where I want it to.

Of course, reaching the lace on the Elphaba means that that is no longer mindless knitting either! So I finally stopped procrastinating and picked up the 3 billion stitches for the last part of the Doodler (okay, only 324, but still!). It was every bit as tedious as expected, and even worse, something went wrong with either my count or the patterns count, so I picked up 24 too many, and had to figure out how to decrease them back down on the first row :-/ But now it's DONE and I can continue knitting the looooong rows (now up to 452sts and counting).
I've just finished wedge 1. According to the pattern I should have enough for all 4 wedges, but we'll see... I'll keep weighing after each one, and make my decision once the 3rd one is done.

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