Wednesday, April 18, 2018

WIP Wednesday - Week 16

I never got around to posting my WIP Wednesday post last week, so this week I have a finished object that I never got to show in progress!!

Ages ago I stumbled across Heidi Bears' designs and completely fell in love with her African Flower animals. I especially kept returning to the happypotamus as being too cute for words. A couple of weeks ago I finally decided to buy the pattern, and once I did, I naturally had to cast it on right away.Well! Turned out it was a MUCH easier (not to mention quicker!!!) pattern to make than I had ever expected, and Sunday morning my darling Happy Hippo was done!
I am SO pleased with how he turned out, and can easily see myself making more of these. Even Lars was surprised by how utterly CUTE he is :-D

In other news I finished Miriam's hat. Not a big feat as I had all the knitting done last time and just needed to add the pompom :-P We are celebrating her birthday next week... of course, it is far too hot for hats now, but at least she can save it for next year.

Nina helped me sew on buttons for Peter's cardigan (THANK YOU, Nina! ♥ ) and Saturday evening I could FINALLY hand it off to him! Fortunately it fits him perfectly, and he's already asked me if I'd knit him another 7! Not entirely sure why he'd need (or WANT!) 8 identical cardigans, but I heard and appreciated the compliment all the same :-) (... and also told him I'd consider ONE... in a few years :P Hopefully by then I can convince him to chose another pattern instead)

I've also finished a small pendant with Yggdrasil for a friend of mine. It was really easy until I came to the last round which is done in crab stitch (reversed sc). I'd never tried that stitch before, and it was a hassle and a half to execute! Took almost as long time to do as all the rest of the pendant put together! Worth it though - I really like the finished result, and hope my friend will like it too :-)

As for "currently knitting", I'm still working on the wingspan made out of miniskeins, and have added 3 more colours since last time. However, I recently forgot it at Mixi's place when I went to babysit Frederik, so took a bit of an unexpected break :-P I've gotten it back now though.

During the break I picked "Snowmelt" back up (I know, I know - so many different projects on the go at once! But I'm really enjoying having NO obligation-knitting on the needles :-D ) and have just finished clue 3.
Not terribly fond of the brown colour of the gradient that I've reached now, but I'm counting on it all coming together once the green starts emerging :)


  1. Ooh, you are reminding me that I've been wanting to try a Heidi Bear's pattern! Loving everything on your needles right now!

  2. Great projects! I love having lots of options to work that colorful wingspan!