Friday, September 28, 2012

FO Friday - For my sisters

I've discovered that I love knitting for other people! Which is fortunate, because so far most of what I have knitted has been for my sisters or friends ;) I guess it seems less selfish to use so much time on it that way... or perhaps I just get a kick out of their reactions. (Or both!)

Anyway, the finished objects this week are for my sisters. I see them next week, so it seemed the right time to get them finished.

For Nina, the Holy Cowl!:

And for Michala, the iPhone Friendly mittens (I so need to make some of these for myself! Or perhaps find the conducting thread that a friend told me about.)

Hope they'll like them!


  1. I love crocheting and knitting for others, too! But I've been trying to balance it out with more projects for myself. I love the cowl.

    1. Thanks. So do I, and it's the perfect colour for Nina :)

      I have managed to cast on a number of new projects this past week... all for ME! ;)

  2. I like seeing people's reactions too. Great Cowl

  3. Ooh, love knitting and crocheting for others too! I'll be hard at work with Christmas knitting the next couple of months, but it's always worth it. The mittens are awesome!

  4. Great projects and gifts for others! I especially love those iPhone friendly mittens. Such a neat pattern.