Thursday, September 20, 2012


Three FO again today, but two of those are cheats, as I just want to show off my gorgeous niece and nephew in their outfits :)

My niece in her See-Saw Shrug. Isn't she adorable?

And once again my dangerous dragon! My sister has been out to purchase the fabric for the rest of his costume, so I'm sure I'll post yet another photo of him eventually ;)

Finally, the FO you've all been waiting for... well, the FO I've been waiting for anyway - the Beekeeper's Rug I finished knitting the last hexipuff on September 8th (in fact, it turned out I had miscalculated and knitted 7 too many!!! Don't know how that happened!), and brought them all over to Henni. She spent the next week or so trying out various arrangements of them, and finally found one she liked. Tuesday evening I came over to her place to sew them together (she bribed me with sushi ;) ), but 3+ hours only got me half-way, so I ended up also coming by on Wednesday evening to finish it off.

So without further ado...

According to the pattern it's only necessary to sew the corners together. However, since this was supposed to be a rug and not a quilt I figured I'd better play it safe, so I ended up stitching all the edges togther, which took FOREVER. It was well worth it in the end though :) I loved the finished result, and even more importantly, Henni loves it as well :)

I don't see myself making one of these again in a rush though ;)


  1. The rug is fab. The dragon is fierce and the little lady and the shrug are very pretty. Good times!

  2. your niece and nephew are adorable! and congrats on finishing the rug!

  3. Oh my, that rug is awesome! Love the bold colour choices.