Tuesday, June 18, 2013

WIP Wednesday - What's One More??

Three WIPs this week. Yes, I've added another one ;) I found a test knit that I just could not resist and am once again hijacking on of my nieblings to knit for ;) No pattern page on Ravelry yet, so nothing to link to, but this is Train on the Track... or my two-day progress of it anyway :)

I've finished the first sleeve of my 80s sweater. Haven't yet cast on for the second one, as I wanted to get a proper head-start on the test-knit, but at least I managed to sew in the ends of the sleeve.
Last week Spinster Beth asked if it had big floofy sleeves - yes, it definitely does!

Unfortunately the Moss Garden KAL has hit a major snag - I don't have enough yarn! I didn't do a gauge check as that's seldom necessary for shawls, and that definitely came back to bite me here. I still have another 15 rows to go including the BO, and only another 12 grams of yarn!

Now what to do??? the way I see it, I have two options. I can make yet another colour change. I have no more of neither the blue nor the green yarn, but this grey is also Candy Skein and might work? Assuming I have enough of THAT of course. I only have as much as I did of the blue. (They're both left-overs from my Elfe-top.
Or I might use this blue instead. It's not quite the same colour as you can see (nor the same yarn this is Champagne from Grignasco instead) but since the green comes between it might be close enough that nobody will notice.
Or... I give it up as a job badly done and frog it. Honestly, I think this is what I'm currently leaning towards. I love the pattern, but I was already iffy about it because of the original colour change. It just didn't work the way it did in my head. Besides, it's Candy Skein... a yarn yummy enough and expensive enough that it deserves to be used for something I love rather than for something I just sort of like. On the other hand, I know from experience that you never completely know what you think of a project until it's finished and blocked. I wasn't too keen on Frost Flowers either, but ended up absolutely LOVING it once I saw it blocked.

Hmm... For the time being I've put it on the back burner, to prevent myself from making a decision based on emotions rather than logic. After all, there's no rush either way. The KAL doesn't end until July 15th, so I can afford mulling it over for awhile longer.


  1. I actually like the other blue color, even if it isn't a perfect match, I think it would look lovely! But, you are right that it is beautiful yarn and it should be for something you love. If you are ok with frogging, I say go for it :-)

  2. Everything looks wonderful! Your 80's sweater is fantastic:)

  3. I adore that train on the tracks hat design. It's cute! I agree with, that yarn deserves to be something you love. I say frog it.

  4. How fab is that hat design! Love it!

  5. Love that sweater!

    Bummer on the shawl...Does Tami have any miniskeins she can dye up in that colorway for you so you have extra? Then you can only frog a few rows and alternate the new skein in.

    1. I live in Denmark, so unfortunately shipping is really expensive and would end up costing more than the miniskeins - can't justify that expense at the moment.