Wednesday, December 11, 2013

WIP Wednesday - Honey Cowl

I'm almost done with the red! Only another 8-9 rows to go, and it's time to switch back to the purple :)
Quite frankly, I'll be very happy once I'm done with this thing, and not just because I can't wait to get to wear it. The colours are gorgeous, and the yarn so amazingly soft you wouldn't believe it (it's 100% bamboo), but it is also extremely splitty which means I have to take more care and can't knit as fast as I'd like. It's very good for social knitting though, as I don't have to consult a pattern, take measurements or anything (my Red Chocolate has suffered quite a bit because of this. I need to get a move on!) so fortunately I do get to knit on it quite a bit.

In different news I just saw these amazing Christmas decorations on my way to work. I immediately snapped a photo and sent off to my husband... unfortuantely he wasn't convinced ;)

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