Thursday, December 19, 2013

FO Fridays - Two Toddler Sweaters

There is something seriously wrong with the socks from last WIP post! I got gauge, so I was feeling confident. I knit the foot, knit the gusset, knit the heel, started the decreases for the leg, and as I was almost done with those, decided to just try it on to admire it before putting it away for the night... I should REALLY have done that after finishing the gusset instead of waiting so long, because these had suddenly turned into monster socks! I have NO idea how this happened, but the heel didn't start until long after my actual heel had ended!
I don't get it... either the pattern is way off, or my knitting is way off, or my feet just aren't compatible with these socks. Or perhaps I am just NOT good friends with toe-up socks! In any case, there was NO way these could be made to work.
I ripped out the heel, and after sleeping on it, ripped out the gusset as well. I'm pretty sure I knit the heel exactly as the pattern described, so I don't feel confident about just doing it all over again (would be different if I'd spotted an error along the way - then it would have been worth trying again). Instead I think I might try the afterthought heel. Even while knitting the heel the first time (a reversed Dutch heel, I think it's called) I was thinking how this was a hassle and a half to knit, so it might turn out to be for the best! :)

But the sock is lucky that the pattern and yarn are so gorgeous! Otherwise I think I might just have given up and frogged it :-P

In happier news I can finally show off some of my finished objects on their intended recipients! Last Saturday we had my family over for a pre-Christmas celebration, and my sister showed herself entirely knitworthy by making sure my nephew was dressed in his "Trains on the Track" sweater! I'd given it to him while he was still way too young for it, so this was the first time I'd seen it on :)
He didn't wear it for long, though, because my present for him was a Christmas sweater, which my sister admired...
...and then immediately put on him!
This is the sweater I attempted sweater surgery on in order to make it longer, and I'm happy to say that it worked perfectly! It fits him just right, and doesn't crawl up when he crawls around. Excellent! :)

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