Thursday, January 2, 2014

FO Fridays - It's All in the Accessories

I skipped FO Friday last week, so I have two finished projects to show off today :)

First my lovely New Years Eve socks! So named because I made sure to finish them in time to wear them for New Years Eve ;)
These are the socks where the heel as written gave me such problems and ended up making the socks 3-4 sizes too big! I'm still not sure what went wrong there. But fortunately the afterthought heel went well :) It's a tiiiny bit too big (think I started the heel too late), but fits me well enough, and the socks are SUPER comfy :) And lovely warm too! I ended up having to exchange my winter slippers for my summer slippers. Hadn't seen that one coming, as, though merino wool, the yarn is really thin. I'm not complaining though :)

Pattern: Bilberry from The Knitter, Issue 56.
Yarn: Candy Skein Yummy Fingering in the Robin Egg Malt colourway.
Mods: Jenny's Magic Cast On instead of the Turkish Cast On. Afterthought heel instead of the reverse Dutch heel.

Secondly a pair of iPhone gloves for my sister. She'd asked if I'd knit her a pair awhile back, and I figured I'd better make sure to get them done while it was still winter and she could actually use them ;)
Quick and easy knit, but so many ends to weave in on gloves! ;) The thumb turned out a bit wonky - not sure if that's on me or the pattern ;) Still, they should keep her hands nice and warm.

Pattern: Basic Glove Pattern.
Yarn: Acrylic yarn, sportsweight.
Mods: Slits for thumb and first finger on the right glove.


  1. I really like the socks. Good match of color and pattern!

  2. I love both your projects - great job!