Friday, January 24, 2014

FO Fridays - Trifector of FOs

No fewer than 3 FOs today! But one has been finished for quite awhile, and just waited for the intended recipient to see it, before I could post it here :)

First a cover for my new iPhone. It's slightly differently shaped than my old one, so I can't reuse the old cover. I do want a "proper" cover at some point, but until I buy one of those, I still wanted a bit of protection for it. I know that yarn won't protect all that much, but figure that it's better than nothing :)
The cover is heavily inspired by the iCozy, but I didn't care for the decorative apple, and wanted a cushier cover than simple stockinette would give, so I did a mix of 2x2 rib, 3x1 rib and stockinette. I'm fairly happy with the end result, but it's definitely not a long-term solution.

The closing is very clever though, and feels very secure :)

My second FO was a present for Dad. When I went to visit my parents just after Christmas, Mum told me that Dad needed a nice scarf to wear with his winter coat. I had some suitable yarn that I was eager to try out, so I immediately agreed to knit him one. The result was a nice and soft 2-meter scarf in garter stitch. So nice and cushy, but not the most challenging knit ever ;) Perfect TV-knitting though, and the yarn had enough of a gradient that it was fun to see it change.
After blocking it ended up being approx. 20cm x 2m.
Pattern: Diagonal Garter Stitch
Yarn: Schoppel Wolle Zauberball in green. 100% Merino.
Mods: For increases and decreases I did one in-/decrease in every row instead of two in-/decreases every second row. Less thinking that way ;)

Finally, a loooooong overdue FO. My 80s sweater is finally D-O-N-E DONE! I signed up for the "Clean Slate Challenge" started by the "Just One More Row" podcast, and figured this was the perfect opportunity to get this old WIP out of the way. The really ridiculous thing is that I'd put it aside with just 15 rows left to knit and then the seaming. Once I got it out it took me all of 2 hours to finish, and I'm so happy with the result :)
Sorry about the poor quality photo. I'll try to get my DH to take some in natural light over the weekend.
It's 100% cotton and slightly heavy, but wonderfully warm!!! The yarn sheds a bit though, which I didn't think cotton did! but I assume it'll get better after the first washing.

I am SO happy with it :) It turned out exactly as I had hoped.

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