Wednesday, January 22, 2014

WIP Wednesday - Almost Done!

My Facade sock is coming along swimmingly. The pattern is challenging enough to keep me focused, but not so challanging that I can't (mostly) learn it off by heart. I did forget to measure it before bringing it along with me to work today though, so I don't know how much further I have left to go before starting on the toe... really don't want to have to rip this baby out, so I think I may just have to find something else to do on the trainride home.
(This photo is about 10-15 rounds old.)

This other WIP is SO CLOSE to becoming an FO, and I'm so thrilled about showing it off, so with no further ado...
Yes, It's the Red Chocolate!!! After goofing up majorly and doing the short rows the wrong way, I finally cast off the last piece this weekend! They're now blocking and mostly dry, so I should be able to start seaming them up this weekend! I'm a bit worried that they grew too much while blocking through, but time will show I guess.

I have a feeling that seaming it will take forever, but hopefully it won't be too difficult. Otherwise I'll follow up on my threat and have Mum and the friend I'm knitting this for over to help me out ;)


  1. All are lovely, but can't wait to see Red all together and modeled.

  2. FO--almost….happy dance! Interesting construction…can't wait to see it

  3. Your wips look great! Looking forward to seeing your Fo!