Wednesday, January 15, 2014

WIP Wednesday - Startitis

I never can seem to help myself when people ask if I'll knit them something - I cast on right away, even though I have loads of other WIPs I ought to be working on... But the same thing happened this weekend. My sister asked if I'd knit her a sparkly beret, and of course I had to get on it right away. I found some suitable yarn, she found a pattern she liked that would fit the yarn, and I was off!
This is a really quick knit, so I should be able to finish before I see her next.

I've also started another testknit. I'm on a sock-knitting craze these days, so when I found a testknit for a relaunch of Facade Socks I knew I had to sign up. I only started last night, so I'm pretty satisfied with my progress so far :)

Finally I've been working a bit on my existing WIPs - the Red Chocolate, the Haruni (after not having touched it for a year!), the puzzle pieces and the honey cowl. Only the latter has really seen enough progress to warrent a progress photo though.

I REALLY need to finish the Red Chocolate sometime soon though! I'm starting to feel guilty about it... mostly because I know that if I just sat down and got to it, I could finish the knitting in an evening or two. Then I'd just have the seaming up to do. Perhaps this weekend...


  1. You are so lovely knitting for others when they ask! You should give your sister lessons so she can knit too :D

  2. Sometimes we avoid things for a reason, and then wonder why we ever avoided it. I don't mind seaming, but sometimes I put it off, and then wonder why. Good luck with your startitis, hope it's not catching.