Friday, January 31, 2014

FO Fridays - TADA!!!!

Fortunately my super-bulky hat stopped teasing me, and I managed to finish it Wednesday evening. I ripped back 6 rows, decreased back dow to 58 sts, knit those 6 rows in k1p1 ribbing and on the final row decreased another 3 sts. So guess the 48 sts hat wasn't as "much" too small as I had originally thought. Never mind, I'm really happy with the end result, and like the extra space for my hair.
I think it's super-cute :) Even if DH did photobomb me ;)

Regarding my subject line - I am FINALLY able to show you the finished Red Chocolate!!! The pieces had finished blocking last weekend, so I sat down Saturday evening to try to see if I could figure out how to combine the pieces of the puzzle. Fortunately that turned out to be a LOT easier than I had first feared, and that first evening I managed to finish everything but the second sleeve. Unfortunately at that point I could see I would have to unpick and redo the first sleeve, so I decided to call it a night and continue at a time when I was more awake.

That was Sunday morning, so by the time my husband got home from work, I could get him to take these photos of me modelling it! :) :) :)
Isn't it gorgeous? I just love the colour! Part of me is slightly sad that I won't get to keep this myself, but the largest part of me can't WAIT to hand it over to my friend! She's going to love it! Besides, I'm pretty sure I would never have dared attempt it if it hadn't been for her asking me to, so it's all for the best. (Also, it's a tiiiiny bit too small for me, which would have been SUCH a disappointment! Ought to fit my friend perfectly though).

But I'm definitely happy with my accomplishment :) AND I now know how to make cables without a cable-needle :) All good. I'll be seeing my friend tomorrow and hope to get some shots of her in it then.

Pattern: Chocolate Passion from Drops.
Yarn: Hjertegarn Superwash Vital, 100% wool.
Modifications: Turned two cables the wrong way on the fronts. One by accident, the other as a "design feature" ;) If I were to make this again, I'd make greater use of provisional cast on and three needle bind off in order to limit the amount of seaming necessary.


  1. That photobombing is awesome. What a friend you are, to make that gorgeous cardi for someone else. I'd be terrified to undertake something on that scale. Good for you! Looks lovely on you, so she ought to be thrilled!

    1. Not many people I would do it for, but she's awesome and I love her, so she deserves it :)

      I did make sure to have a couple of garments for myself under my belt first though ;)

  2. Love a bit of photo bombing! Love the red chocolate, your friend is very lucky!

    1. Fortunately she seems to love it :)