Wednesday, February 5, 2014

WIP Wednesday - Potato-chip-y scarf

Still have a lot of WIPs on my needles. What can I say? The minute I bind something off, I want to cast on something new... despite the fact that I already have a bunch of active WIPs. At least this clean slate challenge is spurring me on to use old yarn rather than the new I still can't seem to stop myself from buying...

First of all, I cast on for the second Facade sock. Only got 6 rows past the ribbing, but at least now it's started and will hopefully tempt me to pick it up again soon.

However, I was going to a friend's place to play games last Saturday, and didn't really feel like bringing along a WIP where I'd have to stop and look at the pattern all the time, and instead of bringing along the cowl I was already working on (don't ask me why...) I decided to cast on for the hitchhiker! Granted, I HAVE been wanting to knit this for ages, and have even had the specific yarn for several months too, so I figure it was just about time to get started on it. I can fully see how knitting this could get addictive. It's very potato-chip'y.
I absolutely LOVE the way the yarn is pooling right now, but I'm a tad worried that as the rows get longer and longer, it'll stop looking as orderly and start looking... well, just messy! Not quite worried enough to actually rip it out, because it may turn out to be a moot point, but we'll see.

But mostly, I've been knitting on the Wombat blanket that I started this fall. I had all kinds of crazy plans that I wanted to have it ready for this winter, but then put it aside for some reason (can't even remember why any longer) and just never got around to picking it back up again! Well, I decided to remedy that, and am now well past the pouch for my feet and actually probably only have another 30cm or so to go before it'll be long enough. But I do think I'll like it more if rather than going for "long enough" I go for "as long as I can get it before I run out of yarn, so we'll see.


  1. I agree, knitting is very addictive. ;-) I'm loving the hitchhiker! I hope the yarn continues to pool nicely for you.

  2. I really like how the hitchhiker is working up, love the colours of the yarn too. I have a bad case of castonitis, with a long list of WIPs it is still so tempting to start something fresh.

  3. The Hitchhiker is a very addictive pattern. I'm not sure why I've only made one!

  4. I like the sock yarn and the Hitchhiker is turning out amazing. What, may I ask is a Wombat blanket? LOL!

    1. It's a blanket with a pouch :) The blanket folds around at the bottom to keep ones feet extra warm :) It's on ravelry at