Wednesday, February 18, 2015

WIP Wednesday - Halfway through the D-SPAKAL!

I have both knitting and spinning this week! I don't post all my spinning projects, as a lot of it is still getting the hang of things, but this one project I'm rather proud of, so I figured it deserved a mention :)
Almost 100g and 360 meters done of a single-ply yarn! The fiber is corrigale - I have no clue about the weight of the yarn though. The first skeins are probably aran or at least worsted. The latter ones might be sport or fingering! I haven't determined WPI yet (wraps per inch) which might be useful ;) I've spun it up for the D-SPAKAL hosted by Kristin Voolenvine of the YarnGasm podcast (Drop-Spin And Knit A-Long). Still have to figure out which shawl to knit though. I have about 5 different ones I'm wavering between.
But just look at this! That is the first and the last skein I spun! Just goes to show what an amazing difference practise makes.

My vanilla socks are still coming along nicely. I didn't go quite as crazy with the second one, so I'm still working on that one. Have another three stripes to go and then the ribbing. It's perfect commute-knitting though - I get about 2 stripes done each day, so should finish this week... which is great - can't wait to wear them :)

I'm almost done with my Monochromatic $5 in Paris. I had a friend over yesterday and we spent most of the evening talking and knitting, so I got a LOT done there. Finally got to try it on this morning, and while it fits nicely (as it should! considering I based it on one of my favourite sweaters), I'm not entirely sure about the colours :-/ May just be the lighting of the bathroom, but I don't know... ah well, I'll finish it up and then take it from there.

Finally I've worked a bit more on my puzzle blanket, and have sewn up several more pieces :)
I'm just over half-way now, but am actually running out of scrap yarn! Had not seen that coming! So I may have to put it on hiatus for awhile.


  1. that green is wonderful! I've been doing a lot of spinning the past few days, you are totally right about the practice!

  2. Your spinning looks really good to me. The progress is obvious.

    I love that puzzle blanket. Never seen anything like it beforre.

  3. Your spinning looks great and you can definitely see the should be proud....and stripey socks are the best...

  4. The socks are outstanding! Loving your sweater and scrap blanket, too