Wednesday, March 4, 2015

WIP Wednesday - All About the Socks

I've gone kinda nuts with the sock knitting these past few weeks :-D Somewhere along the way I've turned into a real sock-knitter. They're quick, portable, and generally only take 1-2 skeins of yarn a pair, so they make for affordable souvenier yarn ;)

All this to say that I've finished two pairs since my last knitting post, and have started two more ;)
Simple Vanilla Bean socks with a fish-lips-kiss heel - that's become my go-to heel these days as it's much easier than a heel-flap and gusset. The picture doesn't do the green justice though. It's a vibrant light green that goes perfectly with the brown :)

Second pair finished are "Socks on a Plane" socks. Almost plain vanilla socks, with a fun cable pattern. Learning how to cable without a needle made this a really easy pattern as well.

And then the three I have on the go :) The top ones I'm knitting two-at-a-time (gotta learn something new!) in some slightly thicker yarn. I'm enjoying them so far, and am keen to see whether knitting them TAAT will actually make them feel like they get done faster!

The bottom one is another simple Vanilla Bean sock, but with a new heel! I've signed up for "Stash U" on Ravelry, in order to learn the OMG heel. I've never been part of as busy a knit-along as this before, so I'm looking forward to seeing how it goes. So far I've been having a blast!

Finally, I've started knitting up some of my homespun yarn. After a few false starts (it's MUCH too uneven for any kind of real pattern to show up) I decided on a modified version of the Hitchhiker where I do every second tip in garter and every second tip in stockinette. I rather like the way it's turning out so far :)

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