Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Stash Enhancement

This week's stash-enhancement turned right around and became my newest WIP as well - I love it when that happens :) Some people will tell you that it doesn't count as stash if you start knitting it right away... I'm not entirely sure I buy into that, considering how long time some of my projects take me, but it's a nice idea ;)

Anyway, ever since I found the Vivid blanket by Tincanknits I've wanted to knit it up. I even started on it about two years ago, but the yarn I'd found was all wrong for it, so I frogged it after just one square.

Then last year I discovered Järbo Mio - lovely soft 100% merino yarn in 14 different colours with amazing stitch definition. I'd been thinking for awhile that I'd love to turn it into a blanket, but it would be quite an investment, so I'd been putting it off. However, realizing that I was still thinking about it, I reasoned that it could no longer be considered an impromptu purchase prone to buyers remorse, so last Friday I went out and bought 10 skeins! :) (I left out white, grey, black and baby pink as I didn't think they fit with the rest of the colours)
Rather amusing - as I was standing making up my mind a sales person came up to me to ask if she could help. "No thanks, I'm just tempting myself." "Oh! I'll leave you to it, then!" Then, as I'd made up my mind and was walking towards the register, I came across her again. She smiled and whispered "I won't tell!". The cashier also smiled as she saw my pile and commented, "That looks like a really happy project!"

So that was an awesome start to the weekend :) The Vivid squares are turning out absolutely gorgeous and I was right about the perfect stitch definitions.
Two blocked and three unblocked (I've finished the blue one since taking this photo). I keep forgetting to time myself, but they seem to take a couple of hours each. As I can get 3 out of a skein I have a LONG way to go yet. Fortunately I have no great expectations of finishing anytime soon. It'll be my luxury / indulgent knitting :)