Sunday, April 12, 2015

Year of Projects - Startitis again

Sooo... I kinda got startitis this past week. That often happens up to a vacation as I cast on ALL THE THINGS because I can't decide what I want to bring. So also this time, and I'm currently wavering between 4 WIPs... I'm honestly considering just bringing all of them :-P Yes, I'm ridiculous.

I won't be bringing the test knit though. I've come too far for it to be all that portable, but not far enough that I have any real confidence that I'll be able to finish it while away... in which case, it's really not worth it.

I've finished both sleeves, and now have a really cropped top. I'm not 15 any longer, so that won't do ;) I LOVE the way it fits though, and can't wait to finish it.
I decided to go ahead and block the body while I'm away. The wrinkle across the chest really bugged me, and if it couldn't be blocked out, I'd want to know sooner rather than later. I really, really, really hope I won't have to rip back and redo all that knitting, but it'll be worth it in the end to get something I'm really happy with. But first - I'm keeping all fingers crossed that the blocking will do the trick. This is where the vacation comes in handy - it'll be all nice and dry by the time I get back home.

Aaanyway, I finally cast on for the Conjunction Cowl yesterday, as that was supposed to be my main London knitting. I wanted to get it started to get a good feel for the pattern before I left. It's super easy and a breeze to memorize, so perfect travel knitting :)
Not much to see yet. Unfortunately I realized I'd miscalculated and gotten fingering weight yarn instead of sport, and as the handspun yarn is a really heavy sport, I'm a tad worried the contrast will be too big... Ah well, I guess I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. If it's totally off, I'll rip back and just knit it completely in these two colours, and then save my handspun for something else.

Finally - since I didn't already have enough on my needles - I've cast on another baby blanket. My youngest sister wrote me yesterday to say that "I should just let her know if I didn't know what to knit next" ;) When pushed, it turned out that she could really use another baby blanket for Nora, and since I knit her the first one, I was rather keen to knit this one as well :) Blankets take awhile though, so I did warn her that I had no idea when I'd be able to finish... Didn't stop me from casting on right away though, and I've so far knit 3 squares out of the probably 64 I'll need.
It's another cozy memories blanket, but this time in sport/DK on 4.5mm needles and with 49sts to start with to make the squares larger.

... And of course, I still have my handspun hitchhiker and the ever-present socks. Didn't take any photos of those, but they're also contenders for travel projects.

I'll probably keep re-making up my mind until the very last moment... and then just bring all four of them after all! ;)


  1. The sweater is looking great, I can't see a wrinkle, but maybe that's the monitor? How long are you in London for? I hope you have a great time.

    1. Definitely the monitor unfortunately. It's very obvious in person.

  2. So many great projects! The Cowl looks intriguing, and the sweater really does fit very well. Fingers crossed that wrinkle blocks out without any problem.

    I really like what you are doing with that baby blanket - are you knitting it as squares but all in one piece??

    1. Thanks!

      Yup! It's based on the several mitered square blankets found on Ravelry.

  3. Hmm, I'd go with socks as the travel project, but that's hardly a surprise is it? The pullover looks great and it's exactly the purple colour I'm in the mood to cast on next! I'm seriously considering overdying some raspberry pink yarn to get a grape colour!