Wednesday, May 6, 2015

May Challenge - I'm not crazy, really!

Well, my Rye Field Pullover finished blocking Thursday evening, and I was unfortunately right - it's too big :-/ No surprise too, as I tried measuring the gauge and it grew from the 25sts/10cm of the blocked swatch to 21.5sts / 10cm in the blocked garment! Maybe one of these days I will FINALLY learn that merino GROWS when blocked, and I need to make a large swatch instead of just rushing to get on with the project.

Ah well, it doesn't look too bad on me. Not what I had hoped for, but not bad enough that I'm going to reknit it either. Something to keep in mind if I ever knit it again though.

The Rainbow Vanilla socks have been my commute knitting this past week, and have seen quite significant progress as a a result. I have one done (but for the heel) and the other is almost at the point where I put the waste yarn in for the afterthought heel.
I really love knitting with this yarn - so colourful and cheerful! I can get almost 4 stripes done a day, just through travel knitting, so they should be done soon :) In fact, I may have to put them aside for a bit, and save the heels for StashDash (5K knitting from May 22nd to August something :-D )

Finally I put a serious dent into the baby blanket for Nora over the weekend. So significant, in fact, that I figured out that if I just knit one square per day for the rest of the month, I'll finish on May 31st! So that is now my stated goal - one square per day for the next 26 days. We'll see if I actually manage to keep it up (and if I have enough scrap yarn! That'd be a fun hurdle... ;) ).
Each square takes me about 45 minutes, so it's not an insane goal. Even if I miss a day here or there, it will be possible to catch up. In fact, right now I'm a day ahead! :-D


  1. I think it looks great! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I think the sweater looks really good.

  3. I agree, the sweater looks fab! I'm doing StashDash this year too! Will you be posting in the KnitGirllls ravelry group?