Wednesday, May 27, 2015

WIP Wednesday with a couple of FOs

Stash-Dash is well underway, and I've finished my first two projects already!

The Baby Memories Blanket was the first to get done, as I started the last square on that as soon as I got home from work on Friday. 45 minutes later I could weave in the last ends and I was DONE!
Despite some of the squares felting when washed, I actually really like the finished project. I'd been worried I'd find the multitude of colours jarring, but not so. In fact, I love the way it looks! Which is a happy sign for the cozy memories blanket I'm currently knitting myself! That one still has a loooooong way to go yet though.

Fortunately, Mixi didn't mind me having felted some of the squares - she was just glad that I'd pre-washed it, so that I had felted them, rather than leaving her to fear she'd done something wrong when she first washed it ;) And Nora seemed to like the blanket as well -- she was very fascinated by all the colours at least! I've told Mixi that I'm likely going to smother Nora in knitware and fortunately she doesn't mind ;) I

Next up are the Rainbow Latte socks out of Regia Stripemania in the Rainbow colourway which I finished Saturday morning. They are SO bright and cheerful!
They finished blocking yesterday, and were dropped off in the mail today! So keep an eye out for them sometime next week, . Hope they fits!

So that's just over 1300 meters done :) 5K is still a long way away, but I'm off to a good start :) Especially as I have a number of WIPs on the needles still.

One of those is the Avery Pullover by Nikki Van De Car. The body is all done, and right now I'm procrastinating on picking up stitches for the sleeves :-P I know they'll be finished in no time once I get past that though.
The yarn is Drops Extrafine Merino, which I know from experience stretches a bit in the wash, so I've knit it at a slightly tighter gauge than I would usually. Hope that will work as expected.

My Spotted Socks are coming along nicely as well. I'm almost out of the varigated yarn on one of them, so I've decided to catch up with the other one so I can end with the spots at exactly the same point. They make for a rather slow knitthough, so I think my next pair of socks will either be plain vanilla or with a VERY simple pattern.

And finally I've picked my 30 Valentine's Shawl back up. This is slooooooow going, but I'd really love to finish it this year... preferably for StashDash, but that might be pushing it somewhat. I'm currently on row 72 out of 138, so only just half-way.
As always the pattern is impossible to see pre-blocking. I have high hopes for it though.
I need to knit 6 rows a week on average to finish in time... not completely insane, but it'll be a bit of a push. Good thing I love goals ;)


  1. Your WIPs look great. The sweater is adorable looking. Sleeves always seem to fly once you start don't they? I love the colors of the shawl. It is going to be amazing when finished.

  2. Love all your stuff! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Nice collection of WIPs! I especially like the rainbow socks.