Wednesday, September 2, 2015

WIP Wednesday - Catching Up

Woohoo!! Vacation! Which means I've been doing a TON of knitting lately! Espeically as I missed last week's WIP Wednesday.

I've been knitting a tad more on my Nostalgia shawl, and am now well into the third and final lace section. It's odd though - the lace itself is just a plain 4 stitch repeat, so easy enough to learn off by heart, but the border changes for every row (with a 16 row repeat) and I'm completely unable to make any kind of sense of what's happening... which means I have to refer to the pattern for every row, and thus this doesn't see as much progress as I had hoped. I would have liked to have reached the final section by now, but... oh well. I've been enjoying my other knits instead :)

Two of those other knits are brand new cast ons! Stashdash is over, and immediately I cast on All The Things! :) I was sent Martina Behm's pattern "Knit Your Love" as a present Wednesday evening, and of course had to cast it on right away. It's not quite as easy to memorize as Martina Behm's other patterns (has a 14 row repeat), but I love it anyway - especially the colour! I would love a sweater in this yarn!
The hearts aren't too obvious yet, but they should be fine once the scarf is blocked.

I'm knitting a new pullover for myself My last few sweaters have all been kind of big on me, so I decided to step out in faith, and give Amy Herzog's pattern a chance... even if they are knit in pieces instead of in the round! My gauge was way off though, so I ended up having to knit a size 34 instead of a size 40! I think it's right though, and I even blocked the back to double check my math before casting on for the front and sleeves. I finished the front yesterday and seamed the two together this morning. Looks like it may be a bit snug over my belly, but hopefully nothing too bad.

For some weird reason I haven't been doing much sock knitting lately. I think it's the yarn... as much as I love wearing Lana Grossa Cotton Stretch, I'm really not a fan of knitting with it! So with that in mind, I've only just put in the yarn for the afterthought heel on the second sock. Hopefully I'll get it done soon, so I can cast on a new pair!

Finally, I've been knitting almost exclusively on the Cozy Memories Blanket this past week. We were off on a road-trip Mon-Fri (which is why I missed last week's WIP post), and it turned out that even though it's kinda big, it's PERFECT for car knitting! I've gotten 20 squares done in the last week, and am very happy to see such significant progress :)

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  1. Yarn that's no fun to knit can really put a damper on your sock knitting mojo! I'd try to get'em off your needles as quickly as possible and look for something more fun to replace them!

    That Martina Behm shawl already looks beautiful! And I can see hearts :)