Wednesday, April 13, 2016

WIP Wednesday - Not much Progress

The Professor McGonagall blanket is a hot mess right now. I've picked up the stitches for the border, so there's no way to show it off properly!

It currently has 600+ stitches on the needles. Each round takes me ~45 minutes to finish, and I still have another 14'ish rounds to go, plus the bind-off. I've decided to knit another 10, and then I will leave the rest for the end of May, so it can count for StashDash! Priorities - I've got them ;)

I do rather like the edging detail though :)

I haven't quite finished with my sweater surgery from last week yet. I've gotten the two fronts sorted, but have been procrastinating with the back, as grafting the two pieces back together is going to take forever. But I've done the prep work now, and am ready to snip the yarn tonight.

You can sort of see the added length on this second photo, if you compare the top two stripes on the front and back.

Finally, I've cast on another pair of socks :) My sister sent me this adorable photo of her and the kids all wearing their socks, with the comment "We're just missing hubby now!". After making sure that he actually would like a pair, and she wasn't just making idle chatter, I found some suitably subtle yarn, and ditto pattern. So this is Hermio... Ron's Everyday Socks :) At 72sts per round it's taking me quite a bit longer than my usual socks, but I hope to finish by the end of the month so they can count for my April socks as well.

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  1. You must love them...that's a lot of socks....I won't ever make them for my hubby...his feet are too big and he is very hard on socks.....good luck with the grafting, its looking good at the moment..