Wednesday, April 27, 2016

WIP Wednesday

I have finally stopped procrastinating and finished sweater surgery on the Film Reel cardigan for Rosa. It wasn't actually that difficult, I'm pleased with how it turned out, and weirdly enough, it didn't even take all that long (but isn't that often the case with things you procrastinate about?), but now I have about a gazillion ends to weave in, as I just added another 12 ends to the mix :-P
Next step is picking up stitches for the sleeves, which I also have an aversion towards (aversion against? Never can figure that one out), so let's see how long I procrastinate over that! ;)

I finished my April socks a week early :) These are the Hermione Everyday Socks for my brother-in-law. Now everybody in that family has at least one pair of homeknit socks! :) I think they ended up being a tiny bit too big, but like he said - too big is better than too small!

I've added a few more squares to my cozy memories blanket and am now more than half way!!! Really excited about :) Isabella and I tried snuggling under it, and decided that it can fit three people nicely ;)

Finally, I've returned to crochet :) I recently frogged my Monocromatic $5 in Paris for just being an altogether bad knit (wrong gauge, blocked weird, holes in odd places), and as I was looking through ravelry for things to make with the repurposed yarn, I came across Stacey Trock's elephant, and even though that really wasn't what I'd intended to use the yarn for, I just couldn't let go. It'll probably be a hassle and a half to sew together, but I'm almost done with the crocheting.
(It looks kinda awful just now - like elephant road-kill :-P). I'm just missing the tusks, but will save those for the StashDash :)

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