Wednesday, May 4, 2016

WIP Wednesday - When Knitting Attacks

Unfortunately both my knitting and my swatching has been attacking me quite a bit this past week :-/ Over the weekend I was in the mood to cast on something new, so I started swatching for a number of new projects. Not with 100% success though, as some swatches resulted in me being even more in doubt than before, what I want to use certain yarn for.

I came across the Swirl Tee on Ravelry Sunday and immediately knew I wanted to use my gorgeous skein of Unwind yarn for it. I only just have enough yarn, but have some ideas of how to stretch it, so I think it'll be fine :) I cast on Monday evening, and by Tuesday night I was already about half the way through the yoke.
Alas, it was not to be. At 9pm yesterday I discovered a serious error in the pattern, that no amount of fudging could make up for. Since the error was cumulative and started in round 2, I had to rip allllll the way back to the beginning and start over again, so right now my project looks more like this
At least the yarn is lovely to work with, so I don't mind too much. Still frustrating though. The designer has been made aware, and sent out an update a couple of hours later, so it should be fine now :)

My second swatch of the weekend didn't cooperate as nicely. Last year sometime a friend gave me a gorgeous skein of gradient yarn, that I just haven't been able to figure out what to make of. This weekend I discovered Ysolda Teague's Little Birds and thought it'd be perfect for the yarn.
It is - the swatch came out totally gorgeous - but it's also a hassle and a half to knit! I'm really just not good enough at fair isle knitting to manage a full-size adult sweater! So now I've gone back to the drawing board... wavering between trying to find another pattern I want to use the yarn for, manning up and telling myself I want to learn fair isle sooner or later anyway, so I might as well just get started, or returning to my original idea of using the yarn for another Butterfly Shawl
The yarn is not quite soft enough to wear next to skin, which also limits my options somewhat, but it should be fine for a sweater or a vest of some sort. Ah well. I've learned not to force yarn/pattern matches. It'll come in its own good time.

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  1. I'm sorry things didn't work out....I tend not to swatch, but admire people who do....I hope you are able to find the perfect match soon...