Wednesday, May 25, 2016

WIP Wednesday

Last WIP post before StashDash2016 begins! Starting this Friday I can finish things again!

Last week I frogged my "Change of Heart" cowl (appropriate name!), and repurposed the yarn for Jojo Locatelli's "Imagine When". Progress on this is going absolutely swimmingly, and in less than a week I am more than twice as far as I ever got with the cowl! Frogging it was obviously the right choice!
The pattern is made up of 6 parts - I only have the last part (and the last skein of yarn!) to go. I hope to finish within the next week or so :) (keeping my fingers crossed that I'll have enough yarn. I should... but you never know).

I've also gotten another 2 swirls done on my Swirl Tee. I think I'll do the arms next, so I know exactly how much yarn I have left for the rest of the body, so I'll have to see if I can find an extra circular needle in the right size :)
I wish the lighting was better, but I'm loving how this is turning out. Can't wait for it to be done :)

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