Wednesday, June 1, 2016

WIP Wednesday - Finishing all the things!

Stashdash started last Friday, so now I'm finishing all the things!!!

First thing I finished was the second security blanket for Nora, as I wanted to bring that along with me when I saw Mixi on Saturday. Of course I then promptly forgot everything about it, so it's still lying at home. *sigh* Ah well, she'll get it this weekend instead.

Second up was the "Imagine When" shawl. Just goes to show how big a difference the right pattern makes, as I finished this in just 2 weeks! Played a nice little game of yarn chicken near the end too, but came out of it victoriously, with just 8 meters left! It's still blocking, but I think I'm going to love it :) It's a merino-cashmere blend and SO soft :)

Sunday I finished my May socks. They only needed a bit more ribbing and binding off, so that was a quick FO :) Of course, I finished it on a day where it was above 25C, making Lars laugh at my awesome timing ;)

... then work began again, and I could no longer finish an item a day, so the next finished item wasn't ready until yesterday when I finally finished the Film Reel Cardigan for Rosa! It's currently blocking so hopefully the weather will remain warm enough that I can give it to her on Saturday :)
I love the little pocketses :)

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