Wednesday, June 22, 2016

WIP Wednesday - Two FO

I have two new finished object since last week :)

I managed to finish the Swirl Tee over the weekend :) There were a surprisingly high number of errors in the pattern, and despite getting gauge, mine ended up being more of a tunic rather than a t-shirt, so I'm starting to wonder if my size was ever tested. I don't mind terribly though - I'm quite fond of tunics, and I love the fit of this one :)
I actually haven't blocked it yet... For one thing, I was too eager to wear it, for another, I'm slightly worried that blocking it will make it grow too much as it's slightly loose-fitting as it is, and I wanted to wear it at least once first - just in case. But I'll be blocking it tonight, so fingers crossed.

My second finished object is another pair of socks. I bought this yarn while in New Zealand, and absolute love it! I used less than half the skein for this pair, so now I'm wondering what to do with the rest, because it's gorgeous and soft and yummy :D
The pattern is "Whirlpool Socks" by Laura Nelkin.

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