Thursday, July 7, 2016

WIP Wednesday on a Thursday

I completely forgot to post this yesterday!

Since I obviously didn't have enough socks on the needles, I've cast on a new pair! I needed a new pair for my July socks anyway, and I've wanted to knit another pair of Monkey Socks for awhile, so it all worked out :) I'm knitting the no-purl version, toe-up. Only just started, but am already reminded why I enjoyed the pattern so much the first time around :)

That said, my other socks (the ones on the 9" circs) are slowly coming along. I've passed the heel and am half-way through the foot. I'm getting the hang of the small circ, but I'll never be a huge fan... in fact, I may knit the second sock magic loop instead (or I may get stubborn and keep going as I started... we'll see).

I've been knitting quite a bit on my "Symmetry in Motion" pullover, but am still just 1/3 of the way through the body. Not entirely sure what I was thinking - knitting a lace-weight pullover for Stashdash! It is taking forever... but will give my meterage a huge bump if I actually do finish. We'll see... I haven't given up yet - there's still more than a month left of Stashdash.
I think I'll like the end result though :) The shoulders are a bit bulky, but that can hopefully be fixed during blocking.

But since I got a bit frustrated by how S-L-O-W the progress was, I decided to ask Mixi if she wanted me to knit something for Nora for the winter. Fortunately she did, so over the weekend I got to cast on for Tincanknit's "Raindrops" sweater and am enjoying the knit so much! This shouldn't take me long at all :-D
The sizing is 2-4yrs which seems like a bit of a large gap to me, but I figure that if Nora can't fit it this winter, it'll come in handy for next year... and I can always knit her another sweater for this year ;)

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