Wednesday, August 3, 2016

WIP Wednesday - Owl Milo

Still going strong with the toddler sweaters :-) I finished the body of the Striped Beach Sweater last week, but for some reason ALWAYS procrastinate when it comes to picking up stitches for sleeves :-P They shouldn't take long to finish once I get going on them though.

Sorry about the photo - I didn't realize how blurry it was until I uploaded it to Picasa.

This next sweater vest didn't even have time to be a WIP! I cast on the Milo Friday afternoon and finished yesterday morning. Such a quick and fun knit! I decided to go for the Owl cables, and added eyes. Really love the way it turned out, even if I did have a minor knitting attack, as I couldn't read the pattern and knit almost an entire own past the point where I should have switched to garter! Ah well, ribbit, ribbit.

And finally, I have a HO :) I finished the first 9" sock... and decided I am NOT going to knit the second on 9" circs as well. I've tried it, and it's alright, but I enjoy normal magic looping SO much more. And since I knit purely for the enjoyment of it, it seems counterintuitive to not just stick with what I like best :)


  1. Beautiful sweaters. The owl cables are stunning!! Love the sock! I can't imagine making them on 9" but I know a lot who love it.

  2. The Milo is fantastic! And yes, I've tried the 9", but I'm not sold on them yet.