Wednesday, August 10, 2016

WIP Wednesday - Stashdash goal reached!

Since it's August, I've cast on my August ankle socks for the "Just One More Row 12 in 2016" challenge. I've finally jumped on the Rose City Rollers bandwagon, and am knitting these for Lizziey. The first one took just 3 days to knit, so I fully expect to be done with the second one today or tomorrow.

I've finished StashDash!!! This weekend I performed sweater surgery on my Spring Showers cardigan, and lengthened the sleeves, so they're now FINALLY exactly as long as I'd like them! I cut off the cuffs (as the ribbing was plenty long as it was), added the extra length in plain stockinette and then grafted the two parts together again. I'm very pleased with the result - you can't see the graft at all! And once I've blocked them, the 'fresh' stockinette should be invisible too :)
With that, I reached 7188km! Booyah!

Lastly I've gotten a little bit of work done on the Striped Beach Sweater, so it now has one sleeve! I reeeeeally want to finish that this week too, so I can give it to Nora when I see her on Saturday, but we'll see how that goes. It also depends on whether or not I have suitable buttons, or if I have to go shopping for those first.

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