Wednesday, September 28, 2016

WIP Wednesday - Catching up again!

Haven't done a WIP Wednesday post in awhile, so it's about time :)

Despite a bit of a delay, I managed to finish my September socks in time for me to gift them to Liz when I visted her last weekend. She'd asked for long socks to keep her calves warm in winter-time. I didn't quite make them knee-length, but definitely longer than any other socks I've knit so far. They were knit toe-up with a heel-flap. That's the first time I've succesfully performed a toe-up heel-flap, but it went perfectly! No clue what's gone wrong the other times, but this is heaps easier than a heel-flap top-down (no pesky stitches to pick up! ;) )
The pattern is Kyma by Tammy Bailey which is a really satisfying pattern to knit, and definitely something I'll knit again.

Since the beginning of September, I've happily cast on three new things and am swatching for a fourth. Obviously I needed something new after all the finishing of Stashdash ;)

First cast on is a pair of socks. I needed some easy travel-knitting and socks tend to be my go-to in that regard.
I never got very far though (and might even frog them - not quite sure I like how the yarn and pattern work together), as Liz commissioned a Feather-and-Fan scarf in some beautiful yarn we found at the craft fair. I cast that on the same evening, and it's coming along nicely :-)
Slightly boring to knit, unfortunately, but it's turning out so lovely I don't mind much. In fact, I'm even contemplating making a similar one for myself, as it's so nice and wide, it might turn into a shawl rather than a scarf.

Finally I've joined the Polygon craze and found the perfect yarn for it at the craft fair. I've only knit one hexagon so far, but I think I'm going to have a lot of fun with this one :)

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  1. Everything looks fantastic! I particularly like how the colors are working out in the scarf. Beautiful!