Thursday, February 2, 2017

WIP Wednesday - Yet another shawl

I'm really bad at remembering to take photos at the moment, so once again you get WIP Wednesday on a Thursday.

Dad's scarf is coming along nicely :) I reached the 180cm over the weekend, and got to pick up somewhere between 480-500 stitches (I didn't count, but with 2-3 sts per cm it seems like a fair estimate) so I could start the loooooong stripes along the length of the scarf. Each row takes about 15-20 minutes to knit, so this part may take almost as long as the first part did! I need to tighten it up a bit though - I picked up just slightly too many stitches, but have come to far to rip it back out again, so I'm going to decrease a bit over the next row to even it out a bit.
The photo is darker than I would have liked, but I didn't fully realize that until it came to upload here. Oh well.

I haven't touched my butterfly shawl at all, because I came across a testknit last week that I just HAD to sign up for. It's an awesome two-colour shawl with a fun spiral construction and it took me about an HOUR last Wednesday to pick out a colour combination, as I have so many awesome hand-dyed yarns that would be perfect for it ;) The combination I ended up picking is VERY loud, but I think I'll love it :) Besides, yarn as colourful as this contrast colour almost HAS to be used for a scarf ;)
I haven't come quite as far as I would like, as I'm prioritizing Dad's shawl, but I'm greatly enjoying the process.

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