Wednesday, January 25, 2017

WIP Wednesday - Oh look! A Sock!

I'm more or less knitting the exact same things as last week, although I did add a pair of socks to the mix. I had a long meeting at work on Friday, and as it was a large general status update for everybody at work (so ~800 people) nobody minds if I bring along my knitting, so yay :-) Knitting in the (relative) dark did mean that I messed up on the twisted stitches now and then, but who cares - nobody's going to look that closely at my socks anyway!

The scarf is now at 130cm. I need another 50cm lengthwise, and then I get to pick up a ton of stitches and start on the horizontal stripes :) Fortunately I have FINALLY gotten the hang of picking up stitches (at least in even knitting), so I no longer dread that as much as I used to ;)
I LOVE the yarn. It's a cashmere-merino-acrylic blend and so soft :-)

Another 2 coloured stripes have been added to the butterfly shawl. I'm starting to worry I might not have enough coloured yarn for a full-size shawl, so am considering alternatives. I could either switch to other colours (I have another green, blue and purple of the right weight - though not the same brand) - or I could go drastic and change to a solid black (same brand as the white I'm currently using) to add sort of a border. We'll see - I'll decide once I know how far I get with the colours I have.
It's a very enjoyable knit, even if it does leave me with a ton of ends to weave in! ;-)

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