Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Knitting/Crochet Statistics 2016

Assuming I've remembered to list everything on Ravelry AND remembered to include the 2016 tag on all finished objects, here are my stats for the year. Probably interesting to nobody other than me, but oh well ;)

# Items finished this year: 44 (down from 50 in 2015)
# Meters of yarn knit: 13.706 (down almost 4K compared to 2015 - haven't been knitting nearly as many sweaters for myself this year)
# WIPs at the start of 2016: 9 (1 of those got frogged, three are still in progress, and the rest got done sometime during the year :) )

Socks: 18 / 41% (+)
Garments for adults: 2 / 5% (-)
Garments for children: 5 / 11% (+)
Scarves / Shawls: 3 / 7% (-)
Cowls: 0 (-)
Blankets: 4 / 9% (+)
Hats: 4 / 9% (+)
Toys: 6 / 14% (+)
Gloves: 1 / 2% (=)
Misc: 1 / 2% (-) (legwarmers)

Gifts/Commissions: 29 / 66%! (+) Wow! I hadn't realized! But I'm lucky to have so many knitworthy people in my life :)
Test-knits: 3 / 7% (-) With so much gift-knitting to do, I was very hesitant to take on any more obligation knitting. I did test-knit a really cool hat for tincanknits though! Would love to do more testing for them :)

Frogged items: Only one FO: My Monocromatic $5 in Paris. I thought long and hard about this, as I really love the pattern and wanted to make it work, but I'd gotten gauge totally wrong, and it just sat weird. Better luck next time. But I've had a few "project reconsiderations" (some socks, a cowl) where I never got more than half-way before frogging.
Current Semi-Active WIPs: 8 - 2 tops for myself, 2 pairs of socks, 1 pair of legwarmers and 3 blankets that are designated long-term projects (I do hope to finish at least one of them in 2017 though).

Most Challenging Project: Though it was a lot less difficult than I had expected, I think I still have to go with the HamilKnit Hat as it was my first foray into two-handed knitting.

Best Gift / Commission: A toss between the security blankets I've knit Nora and the two sets of doll clothes (here and here) I knit for Miriam's doll. Mixi tells me Nora carries those blankets around with her everywhere, and Miriam obviously loved the clothes, as she kept changing the doll's clothes from one set to the another :) See what I mean by having knit-worthy people around? :)

Most Satisfying Project: The Baby-Surprise Jacket. I've wanted to knit this since I first heard of it, and the construction is so clever! It goes from being this odd blob, to being a really cute baby jacket :)

Project I was the Happiest to Finish: The Professor McGonagall Blanket. The end result made it all worth it, but it was a bit of a slog at times (which is probably why it took me 6 months to finish!)

Favourite Project of the Year: My Swirl Tee. I love the way it looks on me :) ... although the Butterfly Shawl comes in at a very close second. I love the construction, but wish I'd chosen better colours. I definitely need to knit another one of those!

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