Wednesday, January 4, 2017

WIP Wednesday: Finished my December socks!

I finished my December socks shortly after Christmas, and thus completed Just One More Row's 12 in 16 challenge :-) (that doesn't mean I've only knit 12 socks in 2016 though, but the last 6 didn't count for various reasons). It's been a fun but demanding challenge, that I don't think I'll do again. Knitting 12 socks in a year isn't a problem, nor did I mind the prompts or that each pair had to weigh at least 50 grams (makes perfect sense, to make the challenge fair), but I found it very limiting that instead of knitting 12 socks in a year, I had to knit 1 sock in 1 month 12 times. There were SO many times I wanted to start a sock early, or have two going at the same time. So obviously that specific requirement isn't for me. Good to know :)
This last pair has a zig-zag pattern out of my own head. I'm fairly happy with how it turned out, so have jotted down the instructions in my project notes on Ravelry.

Since then I've been doing a little bit of swatching and knitting on my cozy memories blanket, but mostly I've been wrapped up in a scrappy Tee I've been wanting to knit for ages. I have so much gorgeous yarn left over from socks, shawls etc - too much to use up in my cozy memories blanket, too little for any proper project on its own, and SO soft that it would be a crime not to wear it next to skin. I'm using the Swirl tee pattern for inspiration, as I love the fit of that one, and am playing along with colours as I go. The only problem is that I'm starting to run out of different colours now, and am not too keen on repeating some... so now I have to figure out whether I want to put it in hibernation until I get some more leftovers, or what...

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