Wednesday, April 5, 2017

WIP Wednesday: Elphaba

Remember last week I mentioned that I'd been doing some swatching? Well, one of the swatches turned out so PERFECTLY that I've pretty much been knitting nothing else ever since. That's right, the Doodler hasn't seen a stitch of progress since last time (of course it doesn't help that next step is to pick up 300+ stitches - something I ALWAYS procrastinate on), instead I've been knitting like a fiend on the Elphaba pullover for myself in some gorgeous brown Rowan Fine Yarn that Inese gave me when we last met.

I'm just finishing up the bust darts and getting ready to do the waist decreases, and am loving both how it looks and how it feels :-) Brown never used to be my colour, but I think this one suits me just fine, so hopefully the sweater will be a success and I get to wear it all the time :)
I wasn't going to alternate skeins, as I rather liked the way the yarn was pooling... until I stopped increasing for the sleeves, and it became too predictable. So now I'm alternating skeins after all - occasionally knitting two rounds in one skein just to mix it up a bit ;)

I found a few mathematical errors in the pattern (if 2" at 7 rounds/" corresponds to 14 rounds, then 4.5" at the same gauge doesn't correspond to 16 rounds!), but otherwise it's nice and clear and easy to follow. So yeah... have basically wanted to knit nothing else.

It's NOT a grab-and-go project however - I need to try it on frequently to see how much more to increase or decrease, and with the two skeins it gets fiddly to have in a bag - so for my purse knitting I've returned to the hexagons for the Polygon blanket by tincanknits.
I need a total of 60 full hexagons (and then an as of yet unknown number of half hexagons to even out the edges) and so far I've knit 30 and Mum (who's kindly offered to knit some of them for me :) ) has knit an additional 6-8 or so - so we're getting there :)

Finally I've been knitting just a bit on my musical fingerless gloves. They're not as fun a knit as I'd hoped (due to the small circumference I think, as I had a much better time of it when I was knitting colourwork hats), but if they're to count for the colourwork KAL I have to finish them by May 1st. Probably won't happen, but I'm gonna give it my best shot.

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