Friday, May 18, 2012

iPhone Pouch

Wednesday evening I'd been thinking of how I needed a pouch-thingie for my iPhone, so I could hang it around my neck for when I use the GPS while biking (I do have a GPS with a speaker, but that one only does car routes, and I want to use bike routes as well). I looked around a bit at Ravelry but couldn't find anything like what I wanted, because I needed for the screen to be visible or I'd be no better off than before. What's a clever cat to do? She jumps in with both feet and tries to make up her own pattern! I'm really quite chuffed with the finished result, and even more that it only took a day to knit up :)

I started off by casting on 40 stitches using Judy's Magic Cast On using two circular needles (I'd previously tried the figure 8 cast on and Could. Not. Make. It. Work! Fortunately this method was a lot easier :) ) and just started knitting in the round until I felt the 'hood' was big enough (took me awhile to get the tension right when I changed needles - I ended up holding both needles in the same hand for the first couple of stitches to get it tight enough). I determined which side was the front, knit the first 5 stitches, bound off the next 10 stitches and knit the last 5 stitches.

I then alternated between knitting and purling each row until the sides were long enough. Unfortunately I ended up making it a tad too long, as I didn't stop to think that gravity would make it stretch once I put the iPhone into the pouch. I'm not yet too comfortable with unravelling and picking up stitches again though, so I was afraid that I would have to start all over again if I went back and unravelled part of it, so I just left it as it is. I knit the first 5 stitches on the front, cast on another 10 using a modified version of the long-tail cast on (it probably has a proper name, but I wouldn't have a clue), knit the last 5 stitches, and then went back to knitting in the round until the top was done. I ended up with 2 rounds of 1k-1p rib (should probably have knitted 3-4 rounds, but oh well), and then bound off.

The string is crocheted.

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