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Knitted Baby-Vest

Pattern and pictures are kindly supplied by Mette very generously allowed me to translate the pattern to English. The original pattern (in Danish) is here. All errors are due to the translation and are my fault.

Knitted Babyvest

Two skeins of yarn, each 50g/150m (total amount used for the 6mo vest ~ 70g).
Recommended yarn is Blend/Tendens from Hjertegarn, but any soft, machine-washable, 5ply will do.
Knitting needles, size 3mm-3½mm/US 2½-4 (I'm partial to circular myself)
Stitch holder
3 buttons in matching colour
Markers (optional - the original pattern didn't call for it, but I like not having to count :) )

Gauge: 40sts/29rows over 10x10cm in Rib 2 (after blocking).

CO - cast on
BO - bind off
K - knit
P - purl
K2tog - knit 2 together
PM - place marker
Rib 1: K1, P1
Rib 2: K2, P2
RS: Right side
WS: Wrong side
sts: Stitches

The vest is knitted in one piece and sown together at the sides at the end. The pattern starts at the bottom front.
Sizes: 3mo (6mo) 12mo (Dimensions for 6mo is ~15cm x 32cm)

Bottom Front
CO 46 (54) 62 stitches.

Row 1-11: * Rib 1 *

Row 12: K6, PM, * Rib 2 *, K2, PM, K6
Row 13: K6, P2, * Rib 2 *, K6 - slip the markers whenever you get to them. They aren't necessary, but I like having them so I don't have to count :)

Repeat rows 12 and 13 until the piece meassures 16 (18) 20 cm on RS.

Now knit the first 20 (24) 28 sts onto a stitcholder, following the same pattern as above (alternatively, knit a row and afterwards move the stitches on to a stitch-holder - I find it easier to just knit them straight on there).
Knit the rest of the row. You now have 26 (30) 34 'free' sts and 20 (24) 28 'locked' sts

Knit the following row, following the pattern as far as you can.

Top front left

Row 1-10: K6, * Rib 2 *, K6 (make sure to make the knits and the purls of the rib match up). End with a WS row so you're in the 'middle' of the vest, ready to make the first button-hole.
Row 11: K3, wrap the yarn around the needle twice, K2tog, K1, * Rib 2 *, K6
Row 12: K6, * Rib 2 *, K2, Knit the first part of the double loop and pull the second part off the needle, K3. You've now made the first button-hole.

Repeat rows 1-12 twice more, so you end up with 3 button-holes.

Neck and shoulder
Row 1: K14 (K16) K18, * Rib 2 *, K6
Row 2: K6, * Rib 2 *, K14 (K16) K18 (again, making sure the ribbing 'fits').

Repeat rows 1-2 once more, so you have 4 rows in total.

Row 5: BO 12 (14) 16 sts, K2, * Rib 2 *, K6
Row 6: K6, * Rib 2 *, K2
Row 7: K2, * Rib 2 *, K6

Repeat rows 6-7 3 more times, for a total of 8 rows.

Top front right
Transfer the sts from the stitchholder to the needle, and pick up 6 sts from the left side under the button-holes.

Next, transfer the sts from the top front left to the stitchholder.

Take a new skein and knit the right half using the same method as the left half, only mirrored and without the button-holes.

Now we need to get the two halves back on one needle.
CO 18 (22) 26 new sts in the middle on the currently active needle.
Transfer the sts from the stitchholder to the other needle.
Knit across from the new sts to the ones transferred from the stitchholder following the established rib pattern, ending with K6

Cut off the skein you no longer use, and tie off the yarn.

Rows 1-4: K6, * Rib 2 *, K22 (K26) K30, * Rib 2 *, K6
(The ribbing will be 6 (8) 10 sts each).

Now knit the rest of the back like the bottom front. Remember to end off with 11 rows Rib 1.


Sew together the sides, but leave 10 (11) 11 cm open at the top for arm-holes. Sew in buttons.

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