Friday, February 22, 2013

FO Friday - Embroidery and Test knit

Two finished objects from me today :) ... although mostly because I forgot to take photos to post last Friday ;)

First the embroidery for my nephew's baptism... I still need to iron and frame it, but for all intents and purposes, it is done :)

Secondly, my first test-knit :) A cabled leg warmer. Cables turned out to be a lot easier than I had feared, but left slanted cables are SO much easier than right slanted.
Yes, that is my arm I'm modelling it on. Even though I achieved gauge, the finished garment turned out to be quite a bit smaller than expected... or perhaps I just have fat legs :-P I'll probably frog it eventually, as the yarn is so nice and yummy that I want to use it for something I'll actually wear. That is not the fault of the pattern though - I knew that going into it, as I just don't wear leg warmers.

The cast off was a tubular cast-off which took FOREVER to do. I'd probably just go with a regular stretchy cast-off instead.


  1. That's a nice legwarmer. As it fits perfectly your hand, couldn't you slightly redo it into a long fingerless glove?

  2. It does fit really nicely on my hand. I was just thinking that myself. Unfortunately I don't really tend to wear fingerless gloves (I wear gloves because my fingers get cold - my hands and arms are usually fine), but I'll wait and not actually frog it until I need the yarn for something else... who knows, perhaps I'll think of something.

    A cabled sweater would be the obvious choice, but I'm not entirely sure I have the patience for that! ;)

  3. Love the cabled leg-warmer.
    I agree with Carmela, they would be awesome as arm-warmers :)

  4. The leg warmer looks really cozy! Great job with the cables. Also, your embroidery is darling.

  5. The pattern of the legwarmer is lovely: looks cozy.

    Here's my FO: