Thursday, October 3, 2013

FO Friday: Take 2

This FO was so quick it didn't even make it to a WIP post!!

I wanted something to knit during the seminars at the women's conference last weekend. I'd originally brought the Boticelli Blue, but it turned out that it was less than ideal because of the yarn's tendency to split (=I needed to pay more attention than I was willing to give it, and the small stitches didn't mesh well with the low light), so for the second day I brought along some lovely bulky yarn for another pair of super-chunky socks as my sister had mentioned she'd like a pair.

This pair was even faster to knit up than the first pair, so I'm glad I thought to bring yarn for both socks. Altogether they can't have taken me more than 4-5 hours to knit :)

I didn't realize until afterwards that the yarn had been wound in opposite directions in the two skeins I'd brought, but I actually think it looks quite cool :-)

By the way, this aunt is very proud :) My oldest niece wants to learn how to knit in the round and has asked ME to teach her! I think that's all kind of awesome :)

So I sent her some samples of things I thought she'd be able to make, and she settled on a lovely cowl that's all in the knit stitch - great idea to start with just one new thing rather than learning purl at the same time too - and her mother and I have arranged that when they're in Copenhagen next I'll take niece out to go yarn shopping (on my dime of course - niece was very concerned whether she'd be able to earn enough money on chores beforehand which also touched my heartstrings. Brilliant girl not to just expect her aunt to buy her some yarn, even if that is, in fact, what I'll be doing!) and then she'll come over for dinner at our place afterwards so I can cast on for her and teach her how to knit in the round.

Awesome :)


  1. My niece tells me that matched socks are not at all the thing - so look how stylish you've been by reversing the stripes :)

    Sounds like you have a great outing planned with your niece. Enjoy!

  2. Matching socks you can buy in the store. :)
    Have fun with your niece.

  3. Very nice indeed, and I love the effect of the oppositely wound skeins. Enjoy teaching your niece - I believe there are fewer things more precious than teaching a skill, my gran certainly enriched my life by teaching me to knit!