Thursday, October 17, 2013

FO Fridays - Boticelli Blue

I have a finished object! :) And one that's been on the needles for quite awhile too :)

I finally finished the Boticelli Blue week before last, and got to give it to my sister last Saturday. I had been a tad worried about it, because I'd tried it on post seaming (to check that the neckline was good) and it really did not look good on me - at all. However, my sister and I have quite different frames, so I figured there was still a chance it would look good on her. I handed it over to her Saturday, she put it on right away... and it looked PERFECT on her!!! Just suited her to a T. I think I may have started to jump up and down because I was so thrilled by how good it looked on her :) Yay! So that is ALL good.

Now my other sister is making noises about wanting me to make her one as well... we'll see ;)

Please forgive the HORRIBLE lighting in this photo. It was the best I could do at the time. My iPhone camera is going out I think. Still, it shows off how the blouse suits her well enough :)
Pattern: Boticelli Red
Yarn: Hjertegarn Blend Bamboo 70% bamboo, 30% cotton. Had a tendency to split, but was SO soft and wonderful to work with!
Moderations: Knit in a completely different gauge than the pattern originally called for, but did the maths to make the rows/stitches fit anyway. Also spotted a couple of errors in the original English translation of the pattern. You can see both my calculations and the errata on my project page.


  1. Very nice and a great color. Thank You for introducing me to the pattern !

  2. I'd be jumping up and down too - it looks terrific on her! Awesome knitting skills!

  3. I wish MY sisters could knit:)

    Perfect sweater for your sus.